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15th Match, Group A: Scotland v South Africa at Basseterre, Mar 20, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ Scotland Innings | South Africa Innings ]

Scotland Innings

    © AFP
  • 3.1 Ntini to Watts, FOUR, half-volley outside off stump, Watts moves quickly towards the line, stretches forward and square-drives it through cover point

  • 5.2 Ntini to Watts, FOUR, streaky edge to third man boundary. Short in length and outside off, Watts frees his arms and will get a boundary.

  • 8.2 Pollock to Haq, FOUR, SHOT! Full length ball outside off and Haq eases into it with an efficient movement. Crisply timed and driven between cover and extra cover for a cracking four. Doesn't get moe confident than that

  • 8.5 Pollock to Haq, FOUR, CRACK! Another four. Slightly shot again and Haq stands back and swivels it behind square. It was a short-arm jab and raced away to the fence. Assertive start this from Scotland. Stark contrast to their batting against Australia

  • 13.6 Hall to Watson, FOUR, Watson charges down the track, reaches the pitch and smokes it through the cover. Audacious hit.

  • 15.4 Hall to Watson, FOUR, short in length, outside off stump, Watson shifts his weight back, punches it past point.

  • 15.6 Hall to Watson, FOUR, Crack. Again banged in short but Watson is ready this time, swivels nicely and pulls past square-leg

  • 18.1 Langeveldt to Watson, FOUR, Fab stroke. Full in length and outside off, Watson punches it through point.

  • 34.6 Smith to Smith, FOUR, dragged that one touch short and pulled away to deep square leg region

  • 36.3 Pollock to Smith, FOUR, Streaky edge through vacant slip region. Smith is at short fine third man and no one in the slips. Smith, the batsman, has a flash at a length-delivery outside off and gets an edge.

  • 45.1 Hall to Brown, FOUR, Overpitched on the off stump, creamed through cover

  • 45.6 Hall to Blain, FOUR, Smash! Half-volley on the off stump line and Blain drills it down the ground.

  • 46.2 Langeveldt to Brown, FOUR, Brown goes down town. Blistering drive straight down the ground.

  • 47.1 Hall to Brown, FOUR, Suddenly, the floodgates are open. attempted yorker, turns into low full-toss, swung past square-leg

  • 48.4 Langeveldt to Hoffmann, FOUR, Clatter! Slower one on the middle stump line, Hoffman, again backs away, and heaves it over to deep midwicket

  • 48.5 Langeveldt to Hoffmann, FOUR, Three boundaries in a row! Jumps out to drill a length-delivery to long-on. Hoffman is having a ball out there.

  • 49.3 Hall to Hoffmann, FOUR, Hoffman is having a party. This is Scotland's highest score, beating 181 for 7 against Australia in 1999, in World Cup cricket. Full in length, throws his arm at it, gets a outside edge and it screams to third man boundary