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23rd Match, Group C: England v Kenya at Gros Islet, Mar 24, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ Kenya Innings | England Innings ]

Kenya Innings

    © AFP
  • 1.3 Ongondo to Joyce, FOUR, oh, delicious shot, an elegant check-drive through cover for four. Pure timing

  • 2.5 Odoyo to Joyce, FOUR, good grief that's well timed. On leg stump, he just turned his wrists, playing it at the last minute and it fairly zooted behind square for four. Fine leg didn't have a chance

  • 3.6 Ongondo to Bell, FOUR, a big stride down the pitch to a wider ball, Bell punches it with the straightest of bats past mid-off

  • 5.2 Ongondo to Bell, FOUR, now then, I think this was a missed chance by Obuya here. Bell, back-cutting straight to him...but just short and it didn't carry

  • 7.4 Ongondo to Joyce, FOUR, too short. Pulled over midwicket for four, in front of square

  • 7.5 Ongondo to Joyce, FOUR, oh, that's brilliant from Joyce and this is a terrific little innings so far. Too short, Joyce goes back and cuts it square for four. Easy.

  • 8.2 Odoyo to Joyce, FOUR, luck of the Irish as Joyce tries to pull, gets a thick inside edge which misses his leg stump down to fine leg

  • 8.5 Odoyo to Pietersen, FOUR, my word, a beautiful drive off his first ball. He just punched it, nothing more, past mid-off

  • 11.3 Onyango to Joyce, FOUR, commanding punch away off the back foot and that travels

  • 13.3 Varaiya to Pietersen, FOUR, looped up and that's driven through the covers

  • 14.3 Suji to Pietersen, FOUR, beautiful shot past the man at cover, to quote Mark Nicholas, he's a big strong boy, and he's just helped that one on its way

  • 16.4 Suji to Pietersen, FOUR, outside off and that's crashed through the covers on the up, waiting for it patiently before despatching it hard and fast

  • 16.5 Suji to Pietersen, FOUR, Pietersen gets away with that one, and then some, horrible shot, going to drive that through cover and inside edges past the keeper

  • 21.2 Varaiya to Joyce, FOUR, nicely played, great timing, straight, aerial and that races away

  • 23.3 Tikolo to Joyce, FOUR, but he gets it this time. Too short from Tikolo and it's hammered past the infield to the extra cover boundary off the back foot. Fine shot

  • 24.6 Kamande to Joyce, FOUR, terrific shot, playing it right at the last minute and late-cutting it behind square, down to the vacant third man. Beautifully, deftly played

  • 29.4 Tikolo to Collingwood, FOUR, on off stump, firmly driven on the up through cover

  • 29.6 Tikolo to Collingwood, FOUR, shot. Don't bother running. Too wide, much too short and Collingwood cracks it square for another four

  • 31.2 Varaiya to Collingwood, FOUR, far too short, Collingwood has all the time in the world to time this off the back foot, quite beautifully, for four