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25th Match, Super Eights: West Indies v Australia at North Sound, Mar 27-28, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ Australia Innings | West Indies Innings ]

Australis Innings

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  • 7.2 Taylor to Hayden, FOUR, more width on offer and Hayden gets onto one knee and flashes a firm drive in the gap between cover and mid-off, albeit in the air for a seconds, and picks up his first four

  • 7.3 Taylor to Hayden, FOUR, and again! Hayden receives a slower ball, too full outside off stump, and drives it smack in that same gap for another boundary

  • 8.6 Powell to Hayden, FOUR, oh ho! Now Hayden, already standing outside his crease, walks down the track and hammers a good length delivery back over Powell's head for four! Thats arrogance!

  • 9.5 Collymore to Ponting, FOUR, good length outside off stump, Ponting plants the front leg down the track and short-arm punches that in the over just wide of mid-off for four

  • 9.6 Collymore to Ponting, FOUR, sublime! Too full on off stump, Ponting gets well over it and just effortlessly flicks it over square leg for four

  • 10.6 Powell to Ponting, FOUR, a low full toss outside off stump and Ponting doesnt let it go, just leans forward and drives it between cover and point and the ball speeds across what is a sluggish outfield for four

  • 12.3 Taylor to Ponting, FOUR, good length outside off stump, and what does he do? He stands there and whips it from outside off through midwicket and mid-on and the ball runs away for four! Hah!

  • 18.3 Taylor to Clarke, FOUR, good length on off stump, comes in, Clarke rolls the wrists well and works it past Lara, who misfields, and the ball trickles over the ropes past mid-on

  • 19.6 Collymore to Clarke, FOUR, hello! Clarke shimmies down the track and collects a good length delivery on the full, helping himself to a lofted four down to the long-on ropes

  • 20.3 Powell to Hayden, FOUR, now he steps down the track, Powell drops short, but Hayden has too much power on it, placing the jabbed pull over in the air between mid-on and midwicket for four

  • 20.6 Powell to Hayden, FOUR, once more, he steps out of his crease, again Powell sees him and tries to drop short, but Hayden's all over it, pulling through midwicket and mid-on for another authoritative boundary

  • 22.6 Collymore to Clarke, FOUR, fuller one now outside off stump, Clarke gets across and flicks superbly in the gap at mid-on to pick up four, really intelligently done

  • 23.2 Gayle to Hayden, FOUR, tossed up, he shimmies down and collects it one the full, driving smack straight down the ground between Gayle and the stumps for four and thats his fifty, well played, sir!

  • 26.4 Bravo to Clarke, FOUR, gives himself room to smack this one in the gap between cover and mid-off for a thumping four!

  • 27.1 Gayle to Hayden, FOUR, hah! Hayden dances down the track and hammers this through midwicket for four!

  • 33.5 Samuels to Hayden, FOUR, biff! Short, flat outside off stump and Hayden rocks back to flat-bat that powerfull down the ground for four and he moves into the nineties

  • 34.3 Bravo to Symonds, FOUR, slower one goes all wrong, short outside off stump and Symonds picks it up early, swatting it over the infield for four past mid-on

  • 38.1 Powell to Hussey, FOUR, shot! Short outside off stump and Hussey pulls off the front foot, slamming it over midwicket for four!

  • 40.1 Powell to Hayden, FOUR, he makes room and lifts a fuller one just over mid-off for four, shot!

  • 40.2 Powell to Hayden, FOUR, close! Hayden steps out and lofts one down to long-on, where Sarwan misjudges it as he comes in from the ropes, and the ball just evades his outstretched arms for four!

  • 44.3 Taylor to Hayden, FOUR, now he goes off side, making room again to free the arms, and even though he loses control of one hand, he gets enough on it to hit it over extra cover for four

  • 45.2 Samuels to Hayden, FOUR, low full toss on off stump, Hayden swings across the line and places it wide of mid-off for four more

  • 45.4 Samuels to Hayden, FOUR, shot! Uses the pace, jamming the bat down, with an open face, and runs it down to third man for four

  • 46.3 Collymore to Hayden, FOUR, aha! Hayden! Gives himself room outside leg stump and smashes this through the covers for four

  • 49.2 Bravo to Watson, FOUR, another attempted yorker turns out a slow full toss on off stump, Watson waits for it and slams it over midwicket for four

  • 49.3 Bravo to Watson, FOUR, shot! Overpitched outside off stump, Watson gets down on bended knee and drives in the off side gap for four

  • 49.6 Bravo to Watson, FOUR, and he ends off in style! Bravo goes wide with the slower ball, Watson hangs on it and drives on the up between cover and point, and thats four to take Australia to 322 for six!