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26th Match, Super Eights: South Africa v Sri Lanka at Providence, Mar 28, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ Sri Lanka Innings | South Africa Innings ]

South Africa Innings

    © Getty Images
  • 1.2 Malinga to Smith, FOUR, drifting on to the legs and that's Smith scoring area. He leans forward, whips it through square-leg

  • 3.2 Malinga to Smith, FOUR, Another Malinga delivery on the legs, another flicked-four from Smith.

  • 3.3 Malinga to Smith, FOUR, Another one. On the hips, Smith stays back and clips it past the diving square-leg fielder.

  • 7.5 Maharoof to Kallis, FOUR, Overpitched on the middle stump line and Kallis smashes it down the ground. Classy. He made effort to direct it between the bowler and mid-on.

  • 9.1 Maharoof to Kallis, FOUR, full in length, outside off stump and Kallis opts for a square drive. Very well placed. Through cover point.

  • 10.6 Vaas to Smith, FOUR, Just over short midwicket. Smith backs away, again, and muscles a length-delivery on the middle stump across the line.

  • 11.4 Maharoof to Smith, FOUR, Slower one, full and on the middle and leg line, Smith spotted it, waited and swung it over midwicket

  • 13.6 Maharoof to Kallis, FOUR, Punished fiercely through the covers. It's a good length delivery outside off and Kallis simply stands and delivers. Clean swing of the bat and finds the gap on the off. Ball screams away to the boundary

  • 14.2 Malinga to Smith, FOUR, Back of a length, Smith stands and smashes it past the bower for a blistering four. They're no-one in the boundary and Smith brings up his fifty in style.

  • 14.3 Malinga to Smith, FOUR, Another whip off his pads. Smith going great guns now. Full length delivery on the pads and Smith gets onto the front foot and clips it crisply in front of square for another four. South Africa motoring here.

  • 20.5 Malinga to Gibbs, FOUR, Attempted yorker, ends up as a low full-toss on the off stump line and Gibbs leans forward and whips it past mid-on. Super shot.

  • 23.6 Muralitharan to Kallis, FOUR, doosra but short in length and Kallis picks it. Rocks back and punches it through cover. Lethal strike.

  • 44.2 Malinga to Pollock, FOUR, too full and on the pads, Pollock has no problems moving across his stumps and flicking that away through midwicket, that went sweetly off the bat and once it beat the infield was four all the way

  • 48.2 Malinga to Peterson, FOUR, Peterson does it for SA with a edge past the slip. Fullish, outside off stump, Peterson drives, gets a outside edge and it runs down to third man boundary. SA have won. They nearly choked but have pulled it off. Peterson jumps in the air, pumps his fist and then smashes the stumps down at the other end. Immediately apologises! What a cracker of a game!