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35th Match, Super Eights: Australia v England at North Sound, Apr 8, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ England innings | Australia innings ]

Australia Innings

    © AFP
  • 1.1 Mahmood to Gilchrist, FOUR, full toss and Gilchrist doesn't miss out - far from, in fact, leaning into that one and driving it off the bottom of the bat through cover; a strongly struck rocket.

  • 1.5 Mahmood to Gilchrist, FOUR, short, on the legs, and you really can't bowl it there to him - help yourself stuff - and that pull shot nearly took out Bowden who did a last-minute shimmy at square.

  • 2.4 Anderson to Hayden, FOUR, scorching shot off a half-volley, just leant on that one on the rise and it raced away through the covers.

  • 3.3 Mahmood to Gilchrist, FOUR, on leg and Gilchrist is so quick to get onto that one - fast eyes, fast hands, and that's swished away off his pads through orthodox fine leg.

  • 4.2 Anderson to Hayden, FOUR, beautiful shot that one - short, and that's hit so cleanly over and in front of midwicket.

  • 6.1 Anderson to Hayden, FOUR, on leg, and that's merely eased away through fine leg.

  • 6.6 Anderson to Hayden, FOUR, steps into that powerful, well-placed drive through cover. Four all the way.

  • 8.2 Anderson to Gilchrist, FOUR, on legs and that's a piece of superb timing off the hips which races away through square.

  • 9.3 Mahmood to Gilchrist, FOUR, slower ball that may as well have had a bell on it, width, and that's cut really well off the back foot and that's a typical Gilchrist full-throttle number.

  • 10.4 Flintoff to Hayden, FOUR, that is savage. Unhindered violence from Hayden, marching down the pitch and fairly smiting the ball over midwicket which bounces once, maybe twice, before thudding into the boundary boards.

  • 12.5 Flintoff to Hayden, FOUR, and here he goes. The chirping isn't working; Hayden just lofted a good length ball over long-off. Simple, calculated hitting.

  • 13.1 Panesar to Ponting, FOUR, Ponting forgets all about the defensive prods which characterised Monty's previous over and smacks him over long-off, very nearly for six.

  • 16.1 Flintoff to Ponting, FOUR, oh that's immensely bad luck for old Flintoff, Ponting driving on the up and very nearly chopping it on. Nixon hasn't a hope and it flies down for four.

  • 17.5 Panesar to Ponting, FOUR, well, that's just effortless frankly. Not a very good ball, not turning enough and it's delightfully cracked over mid-off for four.

  • 27.1 Collingwood to Ponting, FOUR, waited and waited and flicked it with his wrists down to fine leg. The ball wheezes over the line in the end, much like a marathon runner.

  • 28.6 Mahmood to Ponting, FOUR, just leans into that one and times it off the bottom of the bat through cover.

  • 30.1 Mahmood to Ponting, FOUR, thrashed - absolutely laced behind point for four. You just do not, and cannot, bowl short and wide - to anyone - but least of all Ponting. Least of all in a World Cup, in a crunch match - never mind on a pitch this flat. Terrible bowling.

  • 30.2 Mahmood to Ponting, FOUR, and there's his 60th fifty from 69 balls, as he knocks this leg-side drifter down for another four.

  • 33.3 Panesar to Ponting, FOUR, class and elegance all combined into one wristy flick over midwicket. That's it really. Just a flick.

  • 34.6 Collingwood to Ponting, FOUR, easy, excellent batting. A touch slower and Ponting just lifts it over mid-on for another four.

  • 36.5 Collingwood to Clarke, FOUR, magnificent shot. Too short, and a front-foot-hammering-pull sends it sailing past Bopara at deep midwicket.

  • 37.5 Panesar to Ponting, FOUR, "carved," as Gnasher of Cricinfo fame describes, over cover. Glorious shot.

  • 37.6 Panesar to Ponting, FOUR, even better. Straighter this time, over long-off.

  • 41.2 Collingwood to Symonds, FOUR, Symonds goes big; a slower ball, too short and that's launched off the back foot over the non-existent cow at cow corner.

  • 42.2 Flintoff to Symonds, FOUR, width on that one, and smoked to the cover boundary, into the ground and past the outstretched finger of Collingwood at point.

  • 43.4 Mahmood to Clarke, FOUR, smashed over the top, plenty of bottom hand, and that's beaten Panesar at long-off.

  • 45.2 Mahmood to Symonds, FOUR, slower ball again, Symonds dances down and that's lashed over cover for a resounding four.

  • 47.2 Mahmood to Symonds, FOUR, short ball and that's lashed through midwicket with a firmly struck pull to end the match.