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43rd Match, Super Eights: Australia v Sri Lanka at St George's, Apr 16, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ Sri Lanka innings | Australia innings ]

Sri Lanka Innings

    © Getty Images
  • 0.4 Fernando to Hayden, FOUR, thats a bad ball, a full toss outside leg stump that Hayden gladly tickles fine for four, first ball.

  • 1.6 Maharoof to Gilchrist, FOUR, not a half-volley, but his timing is perfect, crunching a drive past mid-off for four.

  • 6.2 Fernando to Gilchrist, FOUR, well timed, overpitched and Gilchrist punches back down between bowler and umpire for four.

  • 8.3 Fernando to Gilchrist, FOUR, short of length outside off stump, Gilchrist hops to off and opens the face, gliding it - or was it an edge? - down to third man, who's very wide, for four.

  • 8.5 Fernando to Gilchrist, FOUR, now he bangs in one short down leg stump, Gilchrist gets into position to pull, waits, waits - its very slow, you see - and then gets bat on it to pick up four to fine leg.

  • 9.2 Maharoof to Hayden, FOUR, dragged in short, nicely pulled between midwicket and mid-on to raise the 50.

  • 9.3 Maharoof to Hayden, FOUR, again short, again pulled away, this time in front of square.

  • 10.3 Kulasekara to Hayden, FOUR, a fraction short, he hammers it across the line, no protection out in the deep and Hayden picks up another boundary.

  • 10.4 Kulasekara to Hayden, FOUR, shot, sir! He over-compensates with a fuller one, in the zone to be hit, and Hayden follows through with a bunt down the ground to long-off.

  • 16.5 Kulasekara to Clarke, FOUR, quicker, fuller, wider, Clarke flashes the drive, gets a thick edge, and the ball races down to third man.

  • 17.1 Bandara to Ponting, FOUR, tossed up, pitches and spins short, back he goes, waiting, and then punches through the off side gap for four.

  • 18.4 Fernando to Clarke, FOUR, shot, overpitched, and he gives it what it deserves, a classical drive through the covers to raise the 100.

  • 18.5 Fernando to Clarke, FOUR, carbon copy of the shot, another half-volley is dispatched between cover and mid-off, all timing and control.

  • 19.2 Bandara to Ponting, FOUR, tossed up, Ponting sees mid-off is up, dances down, and clubs it down the ground.

  • 21.3 Bandara to Clarke, FOUR, tossed up, Clarke uses the feet well and cover-drives for four, wonderful to watch.

  • 25.2 Bandara to Ponting, FOUR, looped up, he waits for it and finds the gap behind point for four runs, well cut.

  • 30.5 Jayasuriya to Symonds, FOUR, flat again, spins in, Symonds rocks back and cuts with some power to bisect cover and point and beat the sweeper, wow!

  • 32.2 Bandara to Symonds, FOUR, looped up outside off stump, Symonds gets down on one knee and powerfully sweeps through midwicket, against the spin.

  • 32.3 Bandara to Symonds, FOUR, full toss on off stump, he gets down and bottom-hand jabs that over midwicket for four more, he's just having fun out there, Symonds!

  • 38.2 Maharoof to Ponting, FOUR, overpitched, and he lofts it over mid-off, top shot.

  • 38.4 Maharoof to Symonds, FOUR, overpitched outside off stump, he welcomes the treat with a thumping cover drive that brings up his fifty, and that must feel good.

  • 41.4 Dilshan to Symonds, FOUR, short, flat, going down leg, and he just swings it away behind square for four.