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47th Match, Super Eights: Australia v New Zealand at St George's, Apr 20, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ Australia innings | New Zealand innings ]

Australia Innings

    © Getty Images
  • 0.6 Mason to Hayden, FOUR, There he goes. Hayden decides to impose himself. That trademark walk down the track, the bowler invariably bowls it short and he heaves it over wide mid-on. Head still and arms going through the line.

  • 1.2 Franklin to Ponting, FOUR, Lollypop down the leg side - short and Ponting slaps it to fine leg boundary.

  • 2.3 Mason to Ponting, FOUR, It was short and bang. Ponting swivels and pulls it in front of square. The best puller in World Cricket.

  • 3.3 Franklin to Hayden, FOUR, Hayden rings the room service and Franklin serves one short and wide, slapped past point.

  • 3.4 Franklin to Hayden, FOUR, Chesters, you have to wait for that wobble. Another boundary gift-wrapped by the bowler. Overpitched outside off stump and creamed through cover region. He leant on to that nicely, head over the ball and the right-elbow high.

  • 4.4 Patel to Ponting, FOUR, Aha! he goes for the slog sweep. No man at deep midwicket and he went down on his knee and swung it over midwicket. Game on.

  • 5.3 Franklin to Hayden, FOUR, Hayden has a walk down the track. And oh .... he flat-bats a short of length delivery past mid-off. Merv Hughes, who is watching the game, looks pretty happy with the stroke.

  • 6.5 Patel to Ponting, FOUR, beaten in the flight but Ponting had the sense to go through with the shot. There was a deep midwicket, no long on and he gets a boundary. Flighted delivery and it dipped rapidly and beat Ponting who was looking to drive. He took the bottom-hand off the handle and went through with the shot and got it over mid-on.

  • 7.3 Franklin to Hayden, FOUR, Rauf can breathe easy. Hayden carves this full-pitched one outside off stump through cover point.

  • 7.4 Franklin to Ponting, (no ball) FOUR, Another no ball. Rauf screams No, Ponting says yes to the overpitched delivery outside off. He leans forward, square-drives to the point boundary.

  • 7.5 Franklin to Ponting, (no ball) FOUR, Fours keep coming. In a flood. Fullish, on the middle and leg, Ponting leans forward, on drives it past Vettori at mid-on. And would you believe it , it was another no ball.

  • 14.3 Styris to Ponting, FOUR, too short and at Styris's pace all Ponting needs to do is wait on the back foot, swivel and beat square leg. It doesn't rise that much after pitching and Ponting just needs to roll his wrists to get a four.

  • 17.3 Gillespie to Hayden, FOUR, well outside the off stump, overpitched, and Hayden decides to thrash it straight down the ground, between the bowler and mid-off. He could have gone the conventional route through cover but then it is Hayden. He needs to bully and intimidate. Fab striker.

  • 23.4 Gillespie to Hayden, FOUR, Smoked. Hayden was waiting for the Powerplay and heaves a fullish-delivery on the leg and middle over wide mid-on.

  • 25.2 Gillespie to Clarke, FOUR, width outside off, full in length and Clarke reaches it and crashes it to cover point.

  • 25.3 Gillespie to Clarke, FOUR, edged to third man boundary. Again well outside off stump, on a length, Clarke moved towards the line, slashes it.

  • 25.4 Gillespie to Clarke, FOUR, Three in a row. Clarke is up and running in style. Overpitched, outside off and he leant forward to cream it through extra cover. There was a short extra cover and a cover in place and he pierced the two.

  • 27.4 Vettori to Hayden, FOUR, imposing shot that time, down the track and lofted over mid-off for a glorious four. With the power of an ox, he clatters that.

  • 27.5 Vettori to Hayden, FOUR, take that again! down the track and driven past mid-off for another four. Checked his shot in the last moment but it's racing away.

  • 27.6 Vettori to Hayden, FOUR, Blitzer that time. That's the third successive four and the best of the lot, backing away down the track and tonk! Vettori can only show his frustration as Hayden biffs that over his head for another four. It's not Powerplay time but Hayden's power is doing all the playing.

  • 29.6 Vettori to Clarke, (no ball) FOUR, goes for the arm ball, short and wide and Clarke is waiting on the back foot there, cuts it away fiercely past short third man for a four. He plays the spinners beautifully.

  • 34.3 Styris to Clarke, FOUR, fuller, on the legs, Clarke leans across, flicks it fine. Very fine.

  • 35.1 Franklin to Clarke, FOUR, attempts a yorker, ends up as a low full-toss, outside off stump and Clarke drives to left of mid-off. Easy pickings.

  • 35.2 Franklin to Clarke, FOUR, Another boundary. Overpitched on the leg and middle, not the line to bowl and Clarke swings it to deep midwicket.

  • 35.6 Franklin to Symonds, FOUR, again well outside the off stump, as if he is giving him some batting practice at clearing rubbish, and Symonds thrashes it to cover boundary.

  • 36.5 Styris to Hussey, FOUR, another off cutter, slightly short in length and outside off stump and Hussey rocks back, pulls it from there to deep midwicket boundary. It was too short and pleaded to be hit. Hussey did the mercy killing.

  • 45.1 Gillespie to Watson, FOUR, Paddle scoop! Watson shuffles across the sticks, leans forward, laps a full-length delivery behind square-leg.

  • 46.1 McMillan to Hussey, FOUR, Low full-toss, slower one, outside the off stump, Hussey waits, sweeps it over midwicket.

  • 47.4 Gillespie to Watson, FOUR, Cute. Shuffles across and paddle scoops, laps it over short fine leg. Ala Ashraful. Of course had he missed, I would have written too cute for his own comfort.

  • 47.5 Gillespie to Watson, FOUR, Whoosh! Disappears to the midwicket boundary. It was a slower one, ends up as a low full-toss, on the off stump and clubbed over midwicket.

  • 48.3 McMillan to Watson, FOUR, Not any more. Sends this slower one to long on boundary. Watson waited this time and hit it down the ground. Marshall at long on rushed across to his left and threw in a full length dive but can't reach it. One bounce over the ropes.