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3rd Test: Australia v West Indies at Adelaide, 25-28 Nov 2005 [ Scorecard ]

West Indies 1st Innings

  • 0.3 McGrath to Hinds, FOUR, full length delivery outside off stump, Hinds slashes at it, gets thick outside edge and races to third man fence

  • 3.4 Lee to Hinds, FOUR, full length delivery just outside off stump, Hinds pushes on the front-foot and gets it behind point

  • 4.3 McGrath to DS Smith, FOUR, on the legs, swinging in as well, Smith flicks it backward square leg fence

  • 5.6 Lee to Lara, FOUR, short of length delivery , Lara defends and gets the edge to third man fence

  • 10.2 McGrath to Sarwan, FOUR, full ball on the leg stump, Sarwan flicks it to deep square leg fence

  • 21.4 Symonds to Lara, FOUR, short delivery, Lara goes back and cuts it behind point to reach the fence

  • 29.2 Warne to Lara, FOUR, flighted ball outside off stump, Lara drives on the front-foot thorugh cover point,ball races away to the fence

  • 29.3 Warne to Lara, FOUR, flighted again, Lara sweeps from outside off stump in front of square, consecutive boundaries for Lara

  • 34.1 McGrath to Lara, FOUR, good length ball, not much of movement, Lara moves forward and drives beautifully through covers

  • 46.1 Symonds to Lara, FOUR, half-volley on the leg stump, Lara flicks to deep square leg fence with authority

  • 47.3 Warne to Bravo, FOUR, short delivery around the off stump, Bravo rocks back and punches to cover fence

  • 49.5 Warne to Lara, FOUR, flighted ball on the middle stump, Lara comes down the track and lofts it over, just out of reach of the long- off fielder

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