World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup - South Africa 2003

Lolling about on the couch with cryptic cricketing criticism just will not cut it any more - not when the World Cup Worldbeaters gives the Armchair Selector a chance to put his mettle where his mouth is. Sit up, sir, for do we have a test for you!

Two months, 14 teams, 210 players and 54 matches worth of edge-of-the-seat, nerve-racking one-day cricket in the sport's crowning championship - the World Cup. It's also the arena for the CricInfo-Citibank Worldbeaters contest, one which not only gives you a chance to confirm your prowess as selector but also rake in some gorgeous loot along the way. Go ahead, make your day; register now to play World Cup Worldbeaters.


  • One round trip air ticket - Could the Grand Prize get any grander? One round trip to India up for grabs for the Worldbeater among Worldbeaters.
  • One Autographed bat - Valuable wood indeed - snag a bat personally autographed by Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev.
  • 20 NatWest DVDs - The ultimate one-day wonder - India's come-from-behind NatWest final win, now on DVD.
  • 50 Tendulkar Masterful - One of the most comprehensive - and entertaining - biographies on the Little Master.


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