• Youre chilling out in the stands with a glass of beer while the rival team is belting boundary after boundaries - you

    1. a)Get angry and throw your glass of beer on the supporters of the rival team.

    2. b)Keep your cool, finish your drink and get yourself a refill. Chill! Next time

    3. c)Start yelling at your players and tell them to go jump in well and die.

  • Your champion player has just gone out for a duck. You

    1. a)Text everybody you can and tell them he's a goofy and needs to be traded.

    2. b)Laugh it off and give him a standing ovation back to the pavilion.

    3. c)Upload a cropped picture of him on a goat's body.

  • You suddenly notice a streakier running on the field towards you. You:

    1. a) You search for the closest fielder near you and stand next to him for protection

    2. b) You take a stance to protect yourself just incase

    3. c) You start screaming and crying and run off the field.

  • Someone from the crowd calls you a %^*&^%. You

    1. a) Walk Away

    2. b) Tell them how immature and insensitive they are

    3. c) Call them something back and laugh at them and walk away.

  • Your fine leg drops a sitter. You:

    1. a) Make sure he's sent to the last place the ball will come to

    2. b) Give him a smile and tell him its ok.

    3. c) Start abusing him, his dog, his neighbors etc.