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Chat with Steve Rixon - The New Zealand cricket coach

Sorry, your browser cannot support Java or is not setup to do so. If you have an IRC program (such as Mirc) you can connect as normal to this server: instead of using this webpage.

Note the nick you choose must be less than 10 characters

Please observe the following simple rules whilst using chat:

  • Do not type in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Please talk only in English, no other languages
  • Do not swear, use foul language or otherwise insult people
  • No flooding, no politics
  • Always obey instructions of channel operators (those with an @ symbol)

Failure to observe these rules may result in a ban from chat.

Any questions can be forwarded to

Please Note: CricInfo is responsible for the administration of the #cricinfo channel only. Whilst #cricket and #crickettalk are routinely monitored to reduce offensive behaviour, they are not under our direct control.

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