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Off Spin:
[ Video demonstration of off spin bowling ]
  • This is a ball, which turns naturally from the off side to the leg side.

  • The ball is held between the index finger and the middle finger spread apart with the seam at right angles to it.

  • The ball should be held firmly between the topmost two joints of both the fingers. The other two fingers are curled under the ball and the thumb is placed lightly along the seam.

  • The index finger is the spinning finger where the pressure has to be applied. It is helped by the middle finger and the ball should not touch the palm.

  • The wrist is cocked with the palms facing towards covers and is rotated in the clockwise direction. The ball is released with the thumb following the direction of the ball.

  • This action is similar to opening a doorknob. The right arm rotates fully, coming close to the ear and coming down from the height. The bowling arm finishes between legs.

  • The head looks over the left shoulder at the batsman and the eyes are looking at a spot on the good length of the batsman.

  • The right foot should land parallel to the bowling crease and the front foot points towards fine leg.

  • The front lands firm on the ground and pivots as the ball is released.

Run - up & follow through:
  • The run up must be both economical as well as enough to gain momentum to get into the delivery stride.

  • Generally four or five steps should be enough. At the delivery stride the body should be turned to get into the side - on position. This is very important as an open chest action could end making you throw the ball rather than bowl it.

  • This is because with the chest facing the batsman the hand does not have a free circle of rotation and there is a tendency to bend the elbow to bowl the ball straight.

  • The follow through must be with a couple of steps and stopping in a crouched position expecting the ball to come your way.

  • Avoid running on to the wicket and for this the body must pivot on the front leg to pull the body away from the line of the wickets. The direction of the ball should be on or about the off stump.