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Q: You played under Pataudi, Bedi, Wadekar & Gavaskar. Whom would you rate as the finest captain you have played under?

Chetan Chauhan: Well! If you see from tactics point of view, I think Pataudi was the best because he had a very limited attack, he did not have any fast bowlers at that time, only Abid Ali to support. It was always the question of 3-4 great spinners and they had to be rotated here & there. I thought he changed the players & fielders admirably at that time, there was transformation in the Indian team in 1969 and that transformation came under Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi.

Earlier on we were called as sitting ducks unable to play fast bowling, and so many things were leveled against us, you know we were considered as the easy meat. But the thing of winning, the habit of winning started from '69 onwards, winning became a habit and it started from '69 onwards. That's the reason why I rate him as the best I have played under.

Second best I would say would be hmm... the captains were of very different you know, Ajit Wadekar was a bit defensive captain, Bishen Bedi was very aggressive, Sunil Gavaskar was between defensive & aggressive, but I would say Tiger was above all these people.