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Q: You mentioned as you grew up you had certain hero's, who are your particular role models, anyone whom you particularly wanted to emulate when you were young?

DG: To answer I never wanted to emulate anyone, I think it's quite a confusing issue, people would always assume that a child wants to emulate, sometimes it's true I am sure . The people I watched who were extraordinary in that era were Sir Garfield Sobers and no one can emulate Gary, no one can play like that apart from Gary so it's futile trying to do that. I didn't move my feet much,that wasn't because I have been watching Gary.

There was Greame Pollock whom I saw making a hundred in '65 at Trentbridge, Eng-SA there, that was the first time I have been to a Test Match. I went there , watched every ball, I was bit young to do that but I was there when Greame Pollock made a brilliant 100. And I saw him make another 100 when I toured South Africa as a School boy in 74-75. And finally the next time I saw him, I played with him up in the North - East, one of those one-day games I played up there at Desmond and he made another hundred, so three in three was a pretty good record. So I think he counts as a hero, I mean again those two names out there are two of the finest that have ever played the game, there was no way I could say that I can ever emulate them or try & reach similar standards. That too you can't play like those two, Sobers has his own inimitable style with his feet very close togather, Pollock similarly had his own inimitable style with his feet very wide apart, and to say can you play like those guys, of course you can't but what it does do is that it gives you something to aim at in terms of you know, you think this looks fantastic, this looks great, it helps you enjoy your Cricket while you are watching people like this. But I didn't get on to the field at Kings Canterbury by saying watch Greame Pollock or Gary Sobers today. I just went there to play Cricket and luckily because I was getting better & better as we went through, the nice thing is that people are saying, oh ya! come & watch David Gower. I still can't say that I would ever got close to those heights of performances as I would like to have done, looking back to it, I am reasonably happy with what I did, I enjoyed what I did.