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Q: Obviously you played in the same era in Test cricket as some big names. Boycott, for example. What was he like as a Test colleague?

David Gower: Well with Geoffrey at that stage, and hear my words carefully, you could almost argue he was in the same team but not always a colleague. I mean everyone knows Geoffrey can keep himself to himself rather well and there were certainly times when Geoffrey's presence in the team was good in the sense you have a quality player, determined, well organised, totally professional player who'll get you runs.

I did get to know him a bit as a player but I got to know him even better in the commentary box since. He lasted from those early days of my career through till India in 1981-82. It was a great shame that circumstances finished his Test career with him being banished from the tour. I mean its such a shame that he had to leave that way, I'm sure he regrets that. During that tour for instance I had chats with him, private chats where you can get a more honest appraisal of the man since its more one to one, and there are bits I like about him.

He knows, I know that we're both completely cut out of different cloths. He also used to say to me, 'if I had your ability and you had my brains what a player we'd both be'. I suppose there's something in that because his organisation, determination, professionalism, I didn't quite match. He had talent for sure but he subordinated that talent in the name of making runs, in getting the percentages right in his favour, which is not something I did in the same way. So if you moulded the two players together, I don't know what language he'd have spoken, but it would have been interesting.