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Sir Richard Hadlee on the need to focus on something when running in to bowl:

" What is your focus, what is your target area, what are you looking at when you are running into bowl?"

There are no right or wrong answers to this. The point I am trying to get out is, whenever a bowler is running into bowl, he must have a specific focus or target.

Personally it was the base of the off stump for me, but for other bowlers, it might be the base of the middle stump, the top of the off stump. It might be the batsman's feet; it might be the wicket keeper's gloves.

Whatever it is, the focus needs to be very-very specific. And when I ask young fast bowlers, what are they looking at when they are running into bowl, some will say I am looking at the wickets". There are 3 of them!!! Which wicket? .Off stump, it stands that high. So what I am trying to do is to narrow it down to an absolute specific so that the concentration is absolutely right.

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