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Classic Matches

Tied Test Between India & Australia Was Shastri right in giving the strike to Maninder Singh in the tied test
[Video | Transcript]

v_bapat: "I agree to what Ravi did. 348 is a big score to chase in the 4th innings of a test match. [More]


India's "Player of the Millenium"

ksrkumar: I would say Sunil Gavaskar. If we look at pre-Gavaskar era, you cannot find many role models in this game in India. [More]

Turning Point

India Vs Pakistan Test Match , Bangalore 19 6. What was the turning point that led to India's defeat.

av: I think it was Gavakar's wicket. He could have scored the remaining 16 runs had the players supported him. [More]

Role Model 1

Viv Richards - Do you think there is any batsman currently who could dominate & tear apart fast bowling as much as Richards did?

ankur_agr: "According to me, NONE of the current generation batsmen is as dominating over the fast bowlers as Viv Richards. [More]

Role Model 2

Richard Hadlee says that "Lillee" is the best fast bowler. Do you agree? Who according to you is the greatest fast bowler the game has seen?
[ Video] [Transcript]

ankur_agr: All the bowlers are great in their own respect.But the main aim of any bowler is to take wickets, and to me, the greatest fast bowler has to be Courtney Walsh, who is the highest wicket taker in test cricket. [More]


India 's Best Captain Till Date.

sejs2: Yes, I agree with Chetan when he states "brilliant tactics" forms the essence of a captain". [More]