Hercules Champions

Daniel Vettori [ New Zealand ] 02 Aug 1999

Daniel Vettori - Daniel Luca Vettori was thrust suddenly into the largest cricketing stage in the world - test cricket. After a brief stint playing first class cricket in New Zealand, at the age of 18 years and 10 days Vettori became the youngest player to play test cricket for New Zealand. [ Read on ]

Abdur Razzaq [ Pakistan ] 26 July 1999

Abdur Razzaq - Razzaq is well built young lad and can hold his place in the side either as a bowler or as a batsman. When he begins his run up to the bowling crease, the poise and balance he has are a joy to watch. Razzaq bowls nippy medium pacers with a classical action. [ Read on ]

Gavin Hamilton [ Scotland ] 19 July 1999

Gavin Hamilton - Gavin Mark Hamilton rose to international fame in the 1999 World Cup. Scotland were considered rank minnows, but one man stood tall among the Scots. Gavin Hamilton demonstrated in every match Scotland played that he is a force to reckon with. Hamilton plays county cricket for Yorkshire and it seems almost certain that he will play for England in the near future. [ Read on ]

Alex Tudor [ England ] 12 July 1999

Alex Tudor - Alex Tudor came to prominence in Australia, where he bowled with fire against a strong Australian batting line up.Alex Tudor bowls fast medium pace with a high arm action. At times, one is tempted to remove the 'medium', from that description.[ Read on ]

Mervyn Dillon [ West Indies ] 5 July 1999

Mervyn Dillon - The tall lad from Trinidad and Tobago has stepped into the world scene and quickly established himself as one of West Indies' frontline fast bowlers.Dillon bowls off a classical long fast bowler's run, with a high arm action.
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