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About Champs

CricInfo presents Hercules Champions, a new feature on young and dynamic cricketers from across India. These players might not have played countless games but they make up for it with limitless talent, hard work and the right attitude. They may not have reached the pinnacle of success yet, like the Gangulys, Jadejas and Tendulkars have, but they are definitely getting there.

Hercules Champions are potential match winners. Their desire to be the best in the world and their never-say-die attitude ensures that they can change the course of a match single handedly. And of course, they have the skills to do just that. Also Hercules Champions are inventive and adventurous enough to try out new ideas on the cricket field. Indian fans talk expectantly about them. There is a certain buzz in the air when these players come out to play. The Hercules Champions we present here are the cricketing legends of the future. We can guarantee it!


Date-stamped : 01 Mar2000 - 14:23