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A capable one-day player too is Jhalani

Lest it be thought that Rohit Jhalani is better suited to the longer version of the game, he has gotten some useful outings in the Ranji one-day format too. Nothing spectacular like his Super League effort against Mumbai that would make the five wise men in the selection committee sit up bolt upright.

Considered good enough to play as a specialist batsman in Rajasthan's first couple of games, Jhalani produced a workmanlike 27 off 42 balls that failed however to prevent an agonising two run loss to Vidarbha. And in the final match against Railways, he snapped up three of the four men to be dismissed as the railwaymen chugged to an eight wicket victory.

But these only translate into crumbs of comfort and however much Jhalani may have impressed onlookers, the bottomline is results. A wicket keeper does suffer from being noticed only when things go haywire like an office boy as Ray Robinson pointed out who only begs attention when a file is lost or ink is spilt. Be that as it may, the fact remains that Jhalani has to maintain his prowess behind the sticks for a couple of seasons besides raising the level of his game in front of the wicket with willow in hand.

There are no shortcuts to success and the four month stint at the NCA should provide him with a route map to progress towards loftier ambitions. In the final analysis it is upto Jhalani himself to transport himself along this tortuous path and fulfil the promise that has lifted him out of obscurity and into the prying minds of those who follow Indian cricket.

Ranji One Day, 1999-2000

Rajasthan v Vidarbha at Jaipur, 10 Nov 1999
Railways v Rajasthan at Delhi, 27 Dec 1999

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Rohit Jhalani

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