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Interview with Zaheer Khan

  Fast bowling is a rather backbreaking job. Pitches in India are not very inviting. When did you first decide that you wanted to become a fast bowler? [Audio]

  Who were your heroes in those days when you were growing up? [Audio]

  India's mostly had medium pacers for a long time. Not had a fast bowler in the real sense of the term. Do you think speed is essential to overcome the unhelpful conditions in India? Would you regard yourself as a genuine fast bowler? [Audio]

  About your entry into top level cricket, first class cricket. How was that experience when you first played big cricket? [Audio]

  You first played for Bombay before moving to Baroda. How was it like to break into the Bombay side. Was it difficult? [Audio]

  Last season you went to Australia for a coaching stint at the Australian Cricket Academy. What did you learn from that experience? [Audio]

  You must have had a lot of video analysis done in Australia. What did the experts say about your action? [Audio]

  You were also at the NCA for three weeks when it first began. How would you compare the NCA facilities with those of the MRF? [Audio]

  In the Ranji Trophy last season you took 35 wickets for Baroda. Are you satisfied with that performance? [Audio]

  Which do you think is the best wicket for fast bowlers in India? [Audio]

  Is there any batsman whom you found it difficult to bowl to? [Audio]

  You've been playing a lot of league cricket now. Are you using it as a testing ground for the season ahead? [Audio]

  If you had a choice would you like to play first in a one-day situation or a Test match. Which are you looking forward to more? [Audio]

  If you had to pick one highlight in your career so far what would it be? Any performance in any match. [Audio]

  Do you think as a left hander, you pose more of a problem to a right handed batsman because of the angle of delivery? [Audio]

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Zaheer Khan

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