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Interview with Ashish Nehra

On his beginnings as a fast bowler

I always tried to bowl fast with the tennis ball and rubber ball in school. Wasim Akram was my idol, I used to see him on TV all the time... Listen

On his days in junior cricket

I don't think it was a disadvantage that I didn't play much junior cricket. I had played a lot of club cricket in the Delhi league, so my confidence was very high... Listen

On his first class debut for Delhi

It was a very good moment for me. It was very hard for me to make a permanent place in the team. When I played my first game, I just tried to give my 100% and bowl well... Listen

On his selection to the Indian team during the Asian Test Championship

It was a little bit of a surprise for me but I was doing well in the domestic season. Before my selection, I took six or seven wickets against Tamil Nadu... Listen

On the Test match at Colombo

Obviously it was a great experience for me. But when I played in Colombo, it was a very good batting wicket and very hot also... Listen

On the transformation in his bowling this season

I missed a lot of matches in the last season because of an injury. I had an ankle problem. But this season I'm fully fit right now... Listen

On his approach in Indian conditions

You have to bowl fast and keep a good line or length because there is not much swing in Indian conditions. In domestic cricket I just try to bowl quick on a good line or length, bowl good bouncers...try to bowl reverse swing with the old ball... Listen

On his most satisfying performance

It was this year against East Zone in the Duleep Trophy. I took seven wickets for 17 runs. The pitch was a bit unprepared, I'd say. It was not a good wicket for the batsmen but obviously a good wicket for me... Listen

On the areas he would like to tighten up

There's always a lot of room for improvement. I'm just trying to work on my fitness, my fielding and my batting as well... Listen

On whether his lefthandedness is an advantage

Definitely because there are not so many left arm bowlers in the country right now, just me and Zaheer... Listen

On his inspirations

In international cricket definitely Sachin Tendulkar, Wasim Akram, Saurav Ganguly, they're very great players...I met Wasim Akram in England... Listen

On his impressions of the Chennai camp

This is a very good but very hard camp for us. John Wright is a positive man, I think he will do India a lot of good. We're working on our mental strength as well and Wright is helping us gain in confidence... Listen

On the coaching he has undergone

I play for the Sonnet Club in Delhi and my coach is Mr. Tarik Sinha who gave me a lot of inspiration... Listen

On the differing demands of domestic and international cricket

In international cricket you're under a lot of pressure and you have to bowl all six balls on a good line and length...again you have to be mentally strong. It's all mental and it's all from the heart... Listen

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Ashish Nehra
Ashish Nehra

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