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Your say on Athar Ali Khan!

Tue Jul 22 12:43:36 BST 1997
Message from (Nesar Ahmed SHOHAG)

I am very glade about Athar Ali for his Six(6) against Sri-Lanka.Six is not only for Jaysuria; Our player can hit 6 against any famous bollar.Well done Athar for your great batting against Sri-lanka near half century.

Tue Jul 22 03:37:45 BST 1997
Message from (Ershad Ali Chowdhury)

I still remember when Athar smashed a huge six at Chittagong in 1988 against Indian spinner,is a colorful memory.Go ahed Athar.

Tue Jul 22 02:09:33 BST 1997
Message from (Tarik Muhammad)

Athar- I salute you. You scored 78 against Srilanka at Eden Garden, Calcutta. Now you have even crossed that too. Do you think you were out of the line? Oh let's forget it. We want to see you with magical dreaming three digits. Can I make a bid in favour of my dream? I know Athar you can do. I want to see your name in the Sydney Morning Herald- the proudy daily from Sydney. Just forget the score against Pakistan, think that the batting against Srilanka is the continuation- simply continuation. Hats off tou you Athar! Good on you man!

Mon Jul 21 23:06:40 BST 1997
Message from (RABIUL HASAN)

Athar bhai has been one of the most enterprising cricketers bangladesh has produced. He stands tall with a shade of arrgonce and commands respect from the bowler. I have been following his exploits for the last 10 years or so, and strangely enough he always rises to the occasion against international opposition rathr than domestic. I am not saying he does not perform well on the domestic circuit but he always finds his stride against strong sides. I once watched Bangladesh play Pakistan in Dhaka stadium who were on route to New Zealand(Without wasim Akram). Waqur younis opened the bowling and Athar bhai was facing him the first over. Athar bahi showed no fear or nervousness against such a formidable bowler; on the contrary he smashed Waquar and company all over dhaka stadium for the first few overs until Musthaq ahmed was introduced before ten overs were bowled and restricting Bangladesh to singles and twos.

Mon Jul 21 22:11:24 BST 1997
Message from (Huma Shah)

Failed to watch the Asia Cup match between (homeside) Pakistan and Bangladesh, believing it will be a rout! Glad to hear, though, that one brave Bengali hit a good 80 off the Pakistani bowlers, and that the whole team played well considering thier opponents experience.

Good luck to Bengladesh in the remaining Asia Cup matches and in the 1999 World Cup in England. This country can go on to become a powerful cricketing nation of the 21st Century, they only need to watch how the 'Lankans transformed their side into world beaters.

Mon Jul 21 15:51:17 BST 1997
Message from (Ahsan Khan)

I guess I can speak for all Pakistanis and may be for Indians as well, when I say we are also proud of you Athar Ali Khan. Knowing that another star is in the making from the Indian sub-continent is always a pleasure. I am looking forward to watching you again against India and Sri Lanka in the Asia cup. My advice to Lokapally from "The Hindu" is to please include some positive and encouraging words for this new and hard working team along with the negative. I am refferring to your report about the recent Pakistan and Bangladesh match. Athar, keep up the good work and good luck to you and your team.

Mon Jul 21 03:53:34 BST 1997
Message from (Zia Zahid)

It was nice to read about this Bangladesh hero in detail. We all are proud of him. Wish him best of luck.

Sun Jul 20 09:51:45 BST 1997
Message from (Mahmud Zaman)

Athar is just awsome! I still remember the six in his Asian cup in Dhaka!

Sun Jul 20 03:59:37 BST 1997
Message from (Shamim Chowdhury)

We as a nation feel proud of you and each and every member of Bangladesh team for making the best effort to gain the recognitiuon.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great effort to uplift our face.We love you brother Atahar Ali.

Sun Jul 20 03:36:00 BST 1997
Message from (MESBAH AHMED)

It's beyond dispute that Athar played a brilliant inning. I don't want to comment on the loosing of BD team which wasn't unexpected. But certainly Athar has proved that we have the talent to show the world. Shabash Athar, please keep it up and don't give up.

Sun Jul 20 03:20:46 BST 1997
Message from (Mustafa Qadri)

Although not a Bangladeshi I feel for the team. It's about time the ICC broadened the scope of International-level Cricket. I say that that Bangladesh should be given ful test status by 2000. While still quite rough, I believe that if they are thrown in the deep end they will learn quicker. They only real difference between them and 'the big nine' is funding and encouragement. Plus it will work wonders for the morale of the country. Just look what winning the World Cup did for previously humble Pakistan and Sri Lanka?

Sun Jul 20 02:13:04 BST 1997
Message from (Syed A. Al-Neyam)

Congratulations Athar. You made all Bangladeshis (living in the United Staes) proud. Keep up the good work.

Sun Jul 20 01:36:09 BST 1997
Message from (Aman Haque)

Congrats to Athar Ali for his sound innings against Pakistan. Congrats to Akram Khan too!

Yet another proof, we can improve a lot (provided we have the resources). I believe Michael Holding should also be brought to Bangladesh to assist Gordon in coaching the team. We really need a good stadium, very attacking spirit and essentially, good administration. Acheving all of them seem too far yet..but possible!

Sat Jul 19 20:44:06 BST 1997
Message from (Shahbaz Nazrul)

Congrats for the achievement. He is certainly a great player of BD and in ts connection we should not forget that he is the only 'Man of the Match' from BD side in any international matches. He got this rare award in Eden Garden, Calcutta against Sri Lanka; when he made an unbeaten 78.

Sat Jul 19 17:41:36 BST 1997
Message from (Md. Ali Reza Faruk)

SABASH Athar!! My heartfelt congratulation to you. You played really a great innings what we expect from you. Keep your form, go ahead and present us a century in the world cup 1999.

Sat Jul 19 12:47:08 IST 1997
Message from (Md. Omar Faruque)

Congratulation !!!

My heartiest congratulation for him to present us(people of Bangladesh) an wonderful innings in his histrory , in history of Bangladesh cricket also I would like to urge him to be more professional and sincere so that we can be proudy for him for his excellent performance.

I also pray to the almighty for his good health and future success.

Sat Jul 19 07:29:49 BST 1997
Message from (R. Krishnan)

It is encouraging to see the likes of Athar Ali Khan playing their hearts out on the cricket field. I am sure he will be an inspiration to young Bangladesh players. Let us not forget that not long ago, Sri Lanka were considered minnows and outsiders. Today they are the champions. I am sure Bangladesh can achieve the same. Well done Athar Ali. Well done Bangldesh.

Sat Jul 19 06:53:48 BST 1997
Message from WARFAZE@AOL.COM (Rahat Muhammad Mujib)

As far as I am concerned he is the best batsman in the current Bangladeshi team. He is both talented and consistent and has the temperament of a world class batsman. Who knows if he was born in a test playing country he could have become or been one of the best batsman in the world. Well anyway with the limited sources around him he really did showed his ability. I don't know what else he needs to do to prove that he is just great. I wish that he is able to continue with his form till he finally retireds. I don't think anyone should expect anything more right now cos he is allmost at the end of his great carrer. I wish he get to play a test match for Bangladesh and show something. Thats it. May Allah Bless him.

Sat Jul 19 02:33:47 BST 1997
Message from (Kazi Ashraful Haque)

Although our team (Bangladesh) lost, I would still like to convey my sincere CONGRATULATIONS to Athar Ali Khan. I think he did a great job. Keep it up Athar!!! Your performance will inspire other players in the future.

Congratulations again.

Sat Jul 19 00:13:05 BST 1997
Message from (Gary Sheth)

Congrats to Athar Ali. I live in the U.S., so I know what it is like to live in a cricket backwater. I think BD is much more than that. Were not test matches played in Dhaka before 1971? So there must be a decent stadium and turf wicket, right? Anyway the more global the game is made the better, and both BD and Kenya should get test status soon. Will the U.S. ever manage it?

Fri Jul 18 23:06:44 BST 1997
Message from (FARHAN RAHMAN)

Mr. Athar Ali Khan,
I was probably 16 or 17 when my father told me about you. At that time I guess you were sent to UK for some cricket training. My father was always a big fan of yours although he might not have mentioned it to you. You must be wondering who this person could be. My fathers name is Lutfur Rahman (Makhan Bhai). I think my father was always right about you. I could not be a great cricketer like my father therefore I picked up engineering profession. But, I am a great cricket fan. I watch all the matches ball by ball telecast on the internet every night. I wish you all the success in the upcoming matches. I will be waiting for the day when Bangladesh will win their 1st one-day international. I am sure you will be there. Best of luck.

Sat Jul 19 02:41:28 IST 1997
Message from (sunder singh)

Athar Ali was dedicated to his batting .He has the determination to pull off a victory to his country . I wish him all the very best .

Fri Jul 18 22:06:19 BST 1997
Message from (Tapash Sengupta)

Great job...Thank you. Probabaly, you are the only guy, so far, from BD we can brag about. Keep it up, don't u think of retiring now, we need you for few more years.Good luck!

Fri Jul 18 16:22:11 BST 1997
Message from (aboo)

athar played a great innings against mighty pakistan.we have to really appreciate his fine knock when bangladesh lost its two crucial wickets.his knock against pak is a clear sign that bd also have talented players.

Fri Jul 18 13:59:09 BST 1997
Message from (Rashed -Al-Mamun)

Congratulation!You did absolutely,what I expected from you.I hope that you will be motivated to do like what you did against Pakistan.I will see the live game on internet.

Fri Jul 18 17:32:23 IST 1997
Message from (Nabeel Jafri)

I think Athar Ali Khan is the best player in the Bangladesh side. He is one of the few Bangladesh players to score half centuries. His scores of 78 not out and 82 are truely great.

He played only 9 ODI in almost 10 years. He is one of the most experienced batsman in the Bangladesh team. I think all those years that he played, he should have gone to England and played some county cricket.

Fri Jul 18 09:36:07 BST 1997
Message from (Rezwan Alaudin)

Athar Ali played a very good innings against Pakistan. He played shots all around the wicket. His innings was well thought of and he din not play many rash shots. But on the other hand Akram Khan the captian played a very slow innings although he scored a half century

Fri Jul 18 06:38:56 BST 1997
Message from SRINIS@IAXS.NET (Srinivas C Avvari)

That was a very moving commentary on one's own brother. As BD is the new baby in the world Cricketing scenario( I mean international), not many people would know of all the hardships the BD cricketres have to go through for achieving the rightful position of being the ICC Champions. This account of one's brother's own tale is really heart moving and I am sure, the proud father of Ather Ali Khan would be saluting his son's achievements in the heavens above. I am sure that father would as proud of his writer son, who put all these emotions into words. Great batting and great writing. Keep up the good work guys. A proud nation like Bangladesh needs all the help she can get from people like you!

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