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May 1997: Sanath Jayasuriya

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Thu Jun 5 01:48:03 BST 1997
Message from (deshitha edirisuriya)
The man, He was first introduced as a leg spinner, but from the first test he showed grate potential. He scored 140 against NZ in south africa, and I have seen many great innings by very talented batsmen ( viv, sunny, aravinda, lara, sheed anwar) but that inning is the most devastating one day inning I have ever seen, well atleast sanath started to realy take it to the opposision.
Wed Jun 4 23:13:02 BST 1997
Message from (kali)
Sanath Jayasuriya is most deserving of the May player of the month award. His unbeaten 151 against India in the Independence cup was an absolute masterpiece, and his two half centuries against Pakistan in the two finals were amazing. Jayasuriya has done remarkably well in one day Internationals in Asia. It would be interesting to see how he performs on faster wickets against genuine fast bowlers outside of Asia. In 15 one dayers against the West Indies, he has scored only one fifty and has averaged 18.35. In order to be recognized as a truly great one day player he will have to score heavily outside the Asian subcontinent. As a test player with an average in the mid thirties, he has a long way to go. In any case, he is an exciting player. I wish him well, and congratulate him on being selected as the player of the month.
Wed Jun 4 22:57:33 BST 1997
Message from (Jasbir Singh.)
What else can you say about the great man? He has been a real delight to watch in all his blazing glory and to hear about in the media. He has added an extra dimension to the game of limited overs crikcet. I would even go as far to say that he will score a 200+ in a match some time in the future. Definitely one of the best one day players going around. I hope to see more of his batting in the World Cup in England.
Wed Jun 4 21:37:03 BST 1997
Message from (sandeep)
He is the worst batsman that I have ever seen. He hasn't got any techniques to play cricket. He just hits the ball;that's why he fails against great bowlers.
Wed Jun 4 21:25:23 BST 1997
Message from (Sarfaraz Karmali)
Congrats Sanath,
I usually favour Pakistan, but when I saw you performance in India, my views have changed. Well Played !!! Jayasuriya.
Wed Jun 4 20:58:28 BST 1997
Message from (Chandra Sastry)
Jayasurya's real test will be in the caribbean when he faces some real fast bowling on the fast pitches.I used to live in the caribbean and have witnessed some of the best batsmen struggle.I hope I am wrong because I recently watched India lose two crucial matches and would love to see SL beat the WINDIES.
Wed Jun 4 19:12:52 BST 1997
Message from (Varun Gupta--India)
Sanath Jayasuriya in my opinion is a remarkable batsman and a truely gifted player. However, I feel sorry for him because he has recognised his talent a bit late. Jayasuriya was considered as an average batsman and not a match-winning batsman (as he now is) until the Carlton & United Series which was held in Australia just before the World Cup. It was in thos tournament that Jaya blossomed into a fine player. He was a bit tentative early on but instilled his confidence and began playing his shots only in this tournament. If Jaya had recognised his talent earlier he would have walked past records galore in international cricket. I would also like to see Saana play more and more and not give away his wicket easily as he did in Mohali when on 96. Jaya, an attacking and dashing player as he is has still a few years of world cricket left in him. I wish him the very best to make the optimum use of this time and to demolish as many records as he can.
Wed Jun 4 10:52:11 PDT 1997
Message from (Adam Wahid Aarria)
Jas is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Go knock em balls over!!!
Wed Jun 4 17:16:04 BST 1997
Message from (Mehvish Mumtaz)
Player Of The Month should be given to Saqlain Mushtaq.The twenty years old off spiner made a World Record by taking 100 wickets in 53 matches which made him the youngest bowler to complete 100 wickets.His record was constantly neglected by the cricket world.This record was previously held by Waqar Younis. He achieved this landmark in 59 matches.Saqlain was constantly performing well on dead batting wickets which always produced massive total of 300 plus.He not only contained the top order batsmen in the slog overs but also took wickets at regular intervals.
Wed Jun 4 17:02:28 BST 1997
Message from (Kashif Mumtaz)
Jayasuria Was not the perfect choice because all his innings Lack the profession touch.Secondly none of his innings were chanceless.And thirdly the most Importantly empires played a key role in his nomination as "Man of the tournament" In Independence Cup. I haven't found even a shadow of his Class which he had shown in the Singer Cup in April last year, when he broke the "World record" of fastest fifty & century.
Wed Jun 4 16:10:17 BST 1997
Message from innal@IDT.NET (Mahboob )
I don't think that this choice is at all right or fair. How would Jayasuriya play without fielding restrictions? Fact is his record is very MEDIOCRE before this rule applied. So many people here are carrying on about him like he is something special but how blind can they be. History will only remember cricketers by their averages. His is no good. Like the SL team as a whole I thimk he will come crashing down to earth when they play in other countries. That is the real test and I think that SL are still minnows learning test cricket, and Jayasuriya must like them prove himself.
Wed Jun 4 15:58:33 BST 1997
Message from ASHARMA@IMF.ORG (Ashwani Sharma)
My hats off to othis prolific run getter at such a fast pace. I wish him many many more hundreds and wins for Sri Lanka.
Wed Jun 4 15:57:09 BST 1997
Message from
What nonsense is being written on this page. Jayasuriya is KING OF FLUKE, and rubbish player. Saeed deserves player of month much more since he is a proper batsman and not a poor sri lankan CLOWN!
Wed Jun 4 15:24:27 BST 1997
Message from (MUZIBUR RAHMAN)
congratulation to you for your proud performamce in the recent tournaments. As an Asean and bangladeshi I am feeling proud of you. you keep high the subcontinent among the world with your devastating performance. I wish you a great success in your future.
Wed Jun 4 14:36:28 BST 1997
Message from (Chakravarthy)

I don't know why we are talking about some funny stuff here, like

  1. The pressure in which Saeed Anwar broke the World record - Ridiculous to hint that here and that too to compare with this great all rounder Jayasuriya. How come they forgot the pressure in which Sanath gave the important break through for his country in bowling. Is there any Pressure variation ????
  2. Sanath is named Player of the month not just for his explosive batting but for his tremendous bowling too. Note this guys. The contending players some are talking about are all just either batsman or bowler.
  3. Some says he is not a stylish batsman. Accepted. Lets talk about that. Gavaskar is a great stylish batsman of all times. But do you know? Gavaskar scored 36 not out playing 60 overs in England in a one day match. One day matches are to enjoy the guts, guys. Worth for the money - Jayasuriya.
In short Cricket needs people like Richards, Srikkanth, Sanath Jayasuriya etc.,to stay in the run with the other sports and they are to be appreciated a lot for the way they play the game. Jayasuriya deserves this and he is aptly named.
Wed Jun 4 13:54:08 BST 1997
Message from (neelesh hirani)
a treat to watch!!! nothing comes near this immortal piece of art!!!
Wed Jun 4 11:05:58 BST 1997
Message from Tahir_Mehmood@3Mail.3Com.Com (tahir mehmood)
No need to , your article is fair and accurate. He gets my vote , too.
Wed Jun 4 09:46:34 BST 1997
Message from (avinash lakhani.)
I have had the opportunity of watching Jayasurya with the bat several times. I think he is the greatest Sri Lankan player ever and could be the worlds current best player soon. He has tremendous strenght with the bat and if I was a fielder against him, I'd move out of the way if the ball was coming towards me. I think he's just SUPERB!
Wed Jun 4 08:41:57 BST 1997
Message from (Ajantha Atukorale)
Keep it Jaya. Try to make the fastest hundred and 200 n.o in an ODI
Wed Jun 4 08:25:27 BST 1997
Message from D.Covey@MGN.CO.UK (Darren Covey)
Jayasuriya is quite simply one of the best one day cricketers about at the moment. It would be nice to see him over here in our county games!!
Wed Jun 4 06:31:07 BST 1997
Message from (Bandu jayawardene)
sanaa has more than 100 one-day wickets in his pocket. Can Lara, Tendulkar or Saeed Anwer compete with him ? He is not only the most dangerous opener, but also the greatest all-rounder.
Wed Jun 4 06:27:05 BST 1997
Message from (Indunil Senevirtne)
A truely good batsman to watch. A treat for the eyes. I hope he will blossom into a long standing member in world cricket.
Wed Jun 4 06:19:14 BST 1997
Message from (jani)
very fast player , deserved to win , sharp bowler too .
Wed Jun 4 05:42:05 BST 1997
Message from (Nandalal Weerasinghe)
He is the most valuable gift to the game of cricket who made the one-day game more attractive. Lara, Sachin, Waughs, Aravinda and all others are great players but with different talents. Sanath’s talent is unique.
Wed Jun 4 04:39:53 BST 1997
Message from (Sohail Ahmed)

I am the one of the lover of cricket , this game is very popular in these days & some of the great players in these days are Sanath Jayasuriya. He is truely a great player like great Javed Miandad & Saeed Anwer of Pakistan. His Strokes is very very beautiful & very well judged timed that's why in seconds ball crossed the boundry ropes. He is same as Saeed Anwer of Pakistan because both are opening batsmen & very stylish Batsmen. I like cricket & Great Players Of Cricket like Sanath Jayasuriya & Saeed Anwer.

Wed Jun 4 04:38:12 BST 1997
Message from (Dr Dre)
He is just getting lucky. But he will not last as long as viv did. So there is no need to get carried away.
Wed Jun 4 04:15:48 BST 1997
Message from (Lalith Kuruwita)
I believe that Sanath Jayasuriya is the best batsman in one day cricket in the world today. He is the player who invented the attacking style of batting in the first 15 overs. That is why Mark Atherton requested to change the rules of one day cricket after the quarter final at the world cup. I wish that Sanath can score the first double century in one day cricket.
Wed Jun 4 02:40:28 BST 1997
Message from (Mihir Gandhi)
I met Jayasuriya in L.A. in April 1996 after they had won the World Cup and were in the U.S. to participate in some festival matches. The whole team was so humble despite being on top of the one-day world cricket scene. Jayasuriya despite being the KING of ODI was also extrelely friendly and mixing. He is a very talented cricketer and I am delighted that he is scoring and achieving the feats in Cricket that he so richly deserves.
Wed Jun 4 00:31:31 BST 1997
Message from (anup)
To say frankly I heard the name of Sanath Teran Jayasuriya only on 96 world cup when Sri Lanka came with a new tactic. I preferred him when he played at Singapore and even more when he proved himself to be the better batsman in the Independence Cup. I f he continues his career in this way he will no doubt be a legend in cricket history.
Tue Jun 3 23:28:50 BST 1997
Message from (Abhishek Misra)
Having played first class cricket myself, and having a great knowledge of the game I have no hesitation in my mind that Sanath Jayasuria, has changed the face of one day cricket. He plays his game in a very natural manner, which makes field setting very difficult and often has bowlers wondering that what the hell are they doing wasting their time on the field. not only on the batting front Sanath has shown his competitive nature on the bowling and fielding fronts, which makes him one of the most exciting cricketers in the world. Even though Iam from from India, but when we play Srilanka I always hope for a a big score from this batting sensation, since India in anycase has nothing much to offer besides their sluggish performance on the field.
Wed Jun 4 00:47:04 IST 1997
Message from (Vishal Agarwal)
Well, Jayasurya might not posses the shots of Tendulkar or Lara but he certainly is among the top 5 players for 1 day cricket. He is not afraid of getting out early and that's the reason why he's so successful. Tendulkar is often too afraid or under pressure to perform to his natural ability, Lara is good but he's been going thru the same bad patch as tendulkar is goin thru. Moreover jayasurya is quite consistent also, and he is the best 1 day opener. His ability to ball is another very solid reason why he should be placed in the dream leage.
Tue Jun 3 20:15:15 BST 1997
Message from (Bobo)
He is lucky. He is a man of chance. No class. I bet on him being out of international cricket in one year.
Tue Jun 3 19:37:36 BST 1997
Message from (Adeel Sheikh)
Great opener...I wish he played for Pakistan
Tue Jun 3 17:40:59 BST 1997
Message from (Mahesh Bhagavatula)
I am impressed by the way Jayasuriya has silenced the critics who have dubbed his performances as a flash in the pan by performing consistently. Keep it up Suriya...
Tue Jun 3 17:22:31 BST 1997
Message from (Lahiru)
It's about time that he (for that matter any Sri Lankan) got the player of the month. He's leagues ahead of Odumbe, don't ya think????
Tue Jun 3 17:06:58 BST 1997
Message from (Sagar C. Kurada)

I am from India and Naturally I love the Indian Team to anyother team, but I have to admit that the GUY is Amazing. Frankly speaking, I would be the first person to agree that He was just a flash in the WORLD CUP but beleive me he has come out far far far better than that. HE is going great guns, all the best to him.

But___ I would not compare him to the one and only great Viv Richards , who has a class of his own, JAYASURYA might beat the record set by VIV RICHARDS but he cannot be VIV RICHARDS. Anybody who thinks so, is making a complete fool of Himself.

All the best Sanath Jayasuriya - have a great tour to West Indies.

Tue Jun 3 16:46:46 BST 1997
Message from (Shahid Raza Baber)
He is the most explosive opener right now in cricket. It is a pleasure to watch him play. IMHO he is not just excellent opener but very talented spinner too. Keep up the good work Jaysuria...
Tue Jun 3 15:49:10 BST 1997
Message from (Suresh K. Peiris)
Sanath is a unique phenomenon...... some people may classify him as a "slogger" or a "pinch hitter" - but nothing can be further than the truth. It is only a player of remarkable talent and ability who can consistently hammer the day lights out of the best bowling attacks in the world today, and with such aggression. It is obvious that he will make an even greater impression in the future.
Tue Jun 3 15:24:34 BST 1997
Message from (Shankar)
Good Guys always finish first. Sanath is not only good but also Great. People who don't accept this are probably on the loser's side. Ask yourself, Donot deny if you donot accept Sanath as the Player of the month.
Tue Jun 3 14:42:40 BST 1997
Message from (Habeeb)
In my opinion , Jayasurya is not a good batsman.He has no class in him
Tue Jun 3 14:39:03 BST 1997
Message from (K.Srinivas)

JayaSuriya is no doubt a good dashing batsman in oneday series. But his credentials will be put to test when he faces the experienced and dangerous curtly Ambrose. He had faced only a few bowlers in the subcontinent till now. He needs to face bowlers like Ambrose, Allan Donald, Mc. Grath in their respective continents. Only then will we able to judge them. If he can return back with form from the current westindian tour in his current form he will definitely be appreciable. I rate DeSilve a better batsman than JayaSuriya. Scoring on the Indian pitches is not a big task. If you see history, many batsmen who are out of form scored heavy runs on the Indian pitches and failed outside. An excellent example is Md. Azahruddin. So, may God bless him in the years to come.

Tue Jun 3 14:37:48 BST 1997
Message from (Prasan)
He is da best batsman in the world!! Definitely, yaar!!
Tue Jun 3 14:30:57 BST 1997
Message from (John Turner)
I agree with your comments about Jayasuriya's improvement as a test batsman. I saw his second innings century at Adelaide in 1996: it was played on a final day wicket against a very good attack, including Warne in top form.
Tue Jun 3 14:22:31 BST 1997
Message from (Parag Shastri)
His selection as a player of the month is a very obvious choice.He fully deserves it. I still will not consider him as the most dangerous batsmen because it is first fifteen over rules which has made him so devastating. Secondly, the cricket pitches are partly to blame because they totally are biased towards the commercial interest and favoring the batsmen. This fact is definitely evident from the fact that in past five years a score of 250 was almost unbeatable. But in this present cricketing world, cricket makes a mock of score of 300.
Tue Jun 3 14:20:12 BST 1997
Message from (Steven Pratt)
I wish some of the Australians would bat like him. Well, some of them do. Lehman and Divenito in particular, but of course, they aren't in the Australian team are they!
Tue Jun 3 12:49:24 BST 1997
Message from (Qasim Chaudry)
i agree jayasuria played very well but whatsoever may be he didn't make a world record but saeed anwar did. in my opinion saeed deserved to be at this position.
Tue Jun 3 12:25:21 BST 1997
Message from (Raw)

SANATH you deserves the award. congrats.... Some people think he is not a stylish batsmen. No matter he is stylish or not since world cup Sri Lankans won 24 mathces out of 33, thanks to Sanath and Arvinda's contribution, which so called stylish batsmen couldn't do it for their country.

Now almost all the test playing countries has adopted the Sanath's style of batting, Even the english county cricketers are trying follow the Sanath's method.

SRI LANKANS are always known for their stroke play. SANATH is little quicker than his predecessors like DULIP, ROY.. Those who call he is a slogger,who makes runs on small grounds(CALCUTTA, LAHORE, SHARJA, MOHALI,...etc),Why not oppenents also do the same in the same grounds and on the same conditions, againts weaker Sri Lankan bowling attack????

It is true he is taking advantage of fielding restriction in the first 15 overs, then how he stayed till 40th over and scored (151*) runs with same agression. In O.D.I. Batsmen are there to score runs quickly as long as he stays at the wicket, whether in 15 overs or 50 overs doesn't matter.

Rather than those Test match boring stuff.... SANATh , your explosive batting is excellent. KEEP IT UP......

Tue Jun 3 10:48:40 BST 1997
Message from (Jiggy)
Absolutely AMAZING player, is Sanath Jayasuriya. He has changed the entire outlook, and game of cricket. Because of players like Sanath Jayasuriya, cricket players and upcoming cricket fanatics learn not to play for themselves. They play for their team. Cricket has become more of a team sport, thanx to the likes of Sanath.
Tue Jun 3 10:39:26 BST 1997
Message from (Sudath Wijeratne)
Sir Don Bradman, Please give the way... New dimension of the cricket game just been introduce to the world. Suddenly the cricket became a interesting game to watch. Watch-out remaining batting world records!!
Tue Jun 3 10:28:30 BST 1997
Message from (abuzer)
player of the month should have been aaqib javed cos he played great after a long absence from the teem.
Tue Jun 3 09:30:00 BST 1997
Message from (Sonia Mumtaz)

Jayasuriya was awarded player of the month.It surprise me. Because he didnot break any record which is 13 years old.Whereas Saeed Anwar break the record under difficult situation.

  1. The fittness problem because as he say so that he was 75% fit.
  2. Pressure of the crowd as it was seen in the quadter final in banglore
  3. Heat and humidity which affect alot.
  4. Afridi was out at the score of 9.Which develop pressure on him
  5. They were playing against thier arc rivals.
Records are made to be broken. But to break 13 years old record in such circumstance is of great courage.I think so Saeed Anwar should be awarded Man of the Month.And So many of agree with me.
Tue Jun 3 09:14:36 BST 1997
Message from (Muhammad Asim)
I think strong feature of his batting is 'hitting over the top agressively'. Other wise i don't see anything so special which can place him near the greats of cricket history.
Tue Jun 3 08:56:31 BST 1997
Message from (slatts)
sensational attacking player. Wish Taylor did the same!
Tue Jun 3 08:43:48 BST 1997
Message from (Kanchana CD Liyanage)

Well Done Jaya,
Reading some of the other comments made me laugh.

  1. Metal bar inside a bat ??? This only would make the bat heavier and harder to control.
  2. Only scores in Indian sub continent? He has the previous highest personal score vs NZ 140 in NZ and scored a 60 in the first innings and a 100+ in the second vs Australia in Adelade 3rd test (in Australia) I wonder if Australia is in the indian Sub continent.
  3. Has a bad Test average?? He averages over 36 and is improving that continously. A player who scores quickly and averages over 35 is better than one who average over 40 and takes all day when trying to win a match.
  4. Slogger?? I do not believe he is a slogger at all as he choses which balls to hit and hits them cleanly. When do you see sloggers hit scores of 150?
In conclusion I would like to say players Jayasuria and Kalu are team players unlike someone like Stave Waugh who will block every ball when 9 wickets are down to protect his average when you are in need of quick runs. No Steave Waugh is not a great player but a very selfish one.

Well Done Jaya and the very proud Sri Lankan Cricket Team keep up the good work.

Tue Jun 3 08:39:09 BST 1997
Message from (Surajit Chakravarti)
wonder how his batting would change if pacers could bowl 1 ball above the shoulder per over. Awesome otherwise :-)
Tue Jun 3 08:35:11 BST 1997
Message from (Rasika)

He is Sri Lankas Don Bradman, Garry Sobers and Viv Richards, all in one.

Time to time he plays Mark Taylor as well, but hey, even the great Don has gone for a duck more than once.

Tue Jun 3 07:50:06 BST 1997
Message from (Bandu Jayawardene)

Congrats , Sanaa. U deserve that.

Do not listen to your critics. Do your own way.

They don't know your history as The stylish, left hand stroke-player of Matara, who became a crusher to get permanent place in Sri Lankan team. We have seen your strokes since you were 15 year old school boy cricketer. Your critics have intentionally rubbed out your two conecutive double centuries against Pakistan "A" in Pakistan in late 1980's( You was 18 year old schoolboy at that time.) They donot mention your success as middle order batsman in your early test innings against Pakistan. U were a mediaum pacer during your school days. U became an orthodox spinner to secure your place in the team. Of course, u had ups and downs. Now u are on top of the world. And everybody knows that U are still the same humble Sanaa.

All the best in Windies.
-from Jayawardene Bros, Your classmate Vajira, Hemal and Bandu

Tue Jun 3 06:00:49 BST 1997
Message from (Heirate Mich)
He may be a teriific 1 day player but can he adapt his game to the test matches. I suspect not. But really, for his size and appearance, he is a powerful hitter of the ball. Wher does he get his energy from.
Tue Jun 3 05:51:29 BST 1997
Message from (N.P.Chandrasiri)
Jayasuriya deserves the PLAYER OF THE MONTH. Some say that he is not a stylish batsman comparing with other great batsmans. But I think that he is an exceptional batsman who has a better eye and a better hand which make it possible to drive the ball with perfect timing. No other player can take a game away as he does. Furthermore has shown this ability so often. His 50 is worth more in oneday game, because he uses up only few balls. I guess that he has collected so many new cricket fans from those who even didn't know the rules of the game. It's important thing to spread the game all over the world. "Jaya you can play a key role for SRI LANKA and to entertain people worldwide" KEEP doing it. GOOD LUCK !
Tue Jun 3 05:35:08 BST 1997
Message from (Balasubramaniam)
Truly Jayasuriya is one of the most sensational players in the international cricket scene. No doubt about that!!

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