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Should Rahul Dravid continue as wicket-keeper in the ODI?
Definitely not
Till the end of the Aus tour
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Chill Out Zone

Take position. Aim your thoughts. FIRE!

Yup. Welcome to battlefield - a discussion forum for a no-holds barred fight-to-finish. A place for like-minded people to aim and fire their thoughts on hot, raging and current cricket topics. Not just among the like minded. It's also for people who are at loggerheads. Anything in cricket, under cricket, about cricket is up for discussion and debate here.

Topics that boil your blood. Subjects that you have a strong point of view about. Secrets that only you are aware of. Cricketers that you would love to rip apart and those you would worship. Give your strong points of view on what you think of happenings on and off the field.

So dear cricket fan, just log on to this column every time your blood boils about some stupidity that happens in Indian cricket, when you can't bear absurdity that happens on the playing field and off it. Don't just remain a mute spectator watching mediocrity that surfaces once in a while?

Here is your license to kill!
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