KirKet - The cricket club

  • Exclusive access to the Kirkets web site on at

  • Online ordering of tickets on a first-come first-served basis with door delivery, exclusively for club members for International matches played in India.

  • Special offers on cricket travel packages including travel to and other select International series not involving India like the Ashes in Australia in Winter 2002-03.

  • Exclusive merchandise offers available only for Kirkets members.
    • Special edition sports T-shirts
    • Beer mugs
    • Travel bags
    • Caps and hats
    • Posters

  • Specially organised events of screenings of classic cricket matches in select pubs across the country with special discounts on admission, food and beer.

  • Participation in cricket matches across the country exclusively for club members on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Participation in contests and competitions with attractive prizes.

  • Exclusive online e-cards for members.

  • Special offers on SMS Alert services for end-of-session scores, wicket alerts and Fantasy game updates.

  • Special discounts of 25% on Kingfisher beer at select pubs in select cities across the country exclusively for members only.

  • Special discounts on select products at CricShop exclusively for club members.

  • "Clean Bowled" - Exclusive online newsletter with all the cricket news and gossip mailed out twice a week to all Kirkets members.

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