Interview with Mohinder Amarnath

Former Indian Test batsman Mohinder Amarnath was in South Africa to conduct television commentary on the South Africa v India Test series. He was interviewed on the IRC channel #crickettalk during the second day of the Johannesburg Test on January 17, 1997. The interview was moderated by Vishal Misra, with Ros Brodie assisting Mr Amarnath.

Vishal: Mohinder Amarnath is with us right now. He'll do a short interview

Amarnath: Ok, fire away with your questions

dauphin: Question from Bob Dubery in SA.... "why are you called Jimmy?"

Amarnath: It's from my father. He had played a lot of cricket in England, and he served under the Britishers in India, so the British influence was very much there.

Amarnath: The three brothers have got English names.. i am Jimmy, other one ie Tommy, and the third one is Johnny

Rohan: Thanks for joining us again! Question: Is this something of a breakthrough innings for Rahul Dravid do you think? He's had all the technique, class and temperament, but has been stuck in the 20's and 30's of late.. is he now set in the #3 position for time to come?

Amarnath: On Lara v Sachin: They are world class players both of them.

Amarnath: Rohan: on Dravid: He's a very fine player.. he has the right technique, temperament, and a lot of patience also which is required at international level. I would think this innings is a big breakthrough for him, we will see and hear a lot of him in the near future.
(Editor's note: Dravid scored 148 for India that day)

Vishal: Mohinder, what is your opinion on Azhar's new batting style?

Amarnath: vishal: he is very entertaining, but I wouldn't think that he will be successful in each and every innings with this style of play. I will think that he should calm down a little bit and that will help him and help the team as well

Cric8wala: Jimmy: who in your opinion should be the indian openers to the west indies ?

Amarnath: Cric8: I'm sure there's be a few changes. I would like Sidhu to be there. He is a specialist opening batsman, or maybe look for another youngster who has been playing well back home.

tush: about tendulkar's batting, isnt he a bit inconsistent, even though he got a good hundred in the last game? But in the last few test matches he has just got one fifty and one century?

Amarnath: No, I think because he has set himself such a high standard for batting, when he fails in one or two innings, that we always feel he is not doing much. But I think he is a terrific player, and according to me, he is no. 1 in the world. We haven't seen the best of Tendulkar, if not in this series, maybe in the WI he will score heavily. He has been playing well, and somehow I get this gut feeling that he'll score a triple hundred in the WI!!!

Rohan: Mohinder: When I spoke to you in Hong Kong you talked about the need for all rounders in the side.. do you still see that need? And if so, who are the players who can fill that role? (Sunil Joshi?)

Amarnath: Sunil Joshi is an upcoming player, but I won't call him an allrounder, but he has the potential to be one in the near future, provided he learns to play fast bowling better. We have always produced good allrounders in the past and I'm sure in time to come we will produce one in the near future

Rohan my sentiments exactly....

The interview had to end at that stage because of connection difficulties.

Earlier interview with Amarnath: at the Hong Kong Sevens, 21 Sept 1996.

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