Interview with Gary Kirsten

South African opening batsman, Gary Kirsten was interviewed on the irc channel #cricket at Newlands, Cape Town during Western Province's first innings of the Supersport game against Natal on 7 March, 1997. The interview was moderated by Arup Das (kapil on irc), with Sarah Chesterfield assisting Gary at the keyboard.

Ros: Hey guys - I have Gary Kirsten with me. He'd be willing to chat with you for a little. Any questions?

Kapil: Why RSA failed so badly in the T1 against Aus?

G Kirsten: we were outplayed by a side that were on top of their game. We'll come back in the second test - we have every intention

indy: no, i think u guys were over confident after beating india

G Kirsten: I don't think you can ever be over-confident playing Test match cricket. Every test team is tough to play

AlwaysSA: Gary..what plans are you guys working on to counter Warne at St Georges..which is usually a slow turning wicket?

G Kirsten: ASA - it is crucial that we get a good score in the 1st inns, because warne on the 4th & 5th day of any test match in the world is going op be a handful

Windian: Gary: is there pressure on your game personally technically, and how do you cope with the scrutiny of your own personal game being under the microscope your average, batting under pressure

G Kirsten: Windian: there's always pressure playing for your country - I've certainly been working on things technically to improve my own game. I've had a good run for a long period of time, and I have got to get back into that mode of consistent performance

taps: Gary: wasn't the team that RSA fielded in T1 the best team they cld come up with? If so, what are the steps taken to stage a comeback in test2?

G Kirsten: Taps - considering that we have just won a test series and a triangular tournament with this team, I feel that we have the right make-up to perform well for SA in this test series. Don't panic just yet ;-)

Liam: Gary- Do the South African team rate australia as "The team to beat"?

G Kirsten: Liam: Australia are definitely the leading test match nation in the world

Rohan: GK: How do you rate Glenn McGrath as a bowler? Would you put him up there with the Ambrose's and Akram's of this world?? And where does someone like Srinath slot in?

G Kirsten: Rohan: McGrath has improved enormously as a bowler since last we faced him in 93/94

rogan: Gary: It's clearly RSA policy to rest important bowlesr from tour games. Is it realy to "hide" the bowlers, or more to give them a rest during a long long summer?

G Kirsten: IT is mainly to rest them, I believe

taps: gary: exactly... still (despite being in top form with a test series and triangular series win) there seemed to be such a gulf in t1... so I guess the improvement has to come mentally...

G Kirsten: I think as players we have had to improve on a few things technically

AlwaysSA: play with HD Ackerman alot in WP..when do you think he'll get his chance in the SA side?

G Kirsten: ASA -I think he is a really good player - but might just be a little behind the likes of Gibbs and Kallis at the moment

Rohan: Gary: Can you tell me a little bit about a young (?) WP cricketer - Adnaan Meyer :).. ?? what sort of pace does he bowl at, etc etc?

G Kirsten: Rohan: I haven't seen enough of him to pass comment

Windian: Gary: do you feel that the tag of being a team that fails under concerted pressure is undeserved ?

G Kirsten: Windian - very much so - we have won numerous trophies in the last few years

Liam: Gary- Do you feel that far too many ODIs are played,and they they are taking away the emphasis from test matches?

G Kirsten: I agree with the fact that too many ODIs are played, but unfortunately administrators as well as television rule the roost in World Cricket

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