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Kingfisher Kirkets - The cricket club
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By having Kaif bat at No. 7, India's batting is strengthened considerably. Do you agree?

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Chill Out Zone

You think Venky Prasad could solve India's opening batsman dilemma... Discuss some of the best kept secrets of cricket... What's the best way to lift the seam - saw dust, nail or teeth...

Discuss these and other weighty matters with like-minded people in Chill Out Zone our discussion forum.

Chil Out Zone

Tying in the action from the field with just the right amount of fizz, "Clean Bowled", pumped full of energy, is the perfect thing to bring relief to your Inbox and a smile to your face!

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Spot the Ball contest

Spot the ball
Fielding, says Jonty Rhodes, is mostly anticipation. Are you on the ball?

Photo Caption Contest
Unfortunately, the thousand words that a picture is worth never fit in as a caption. Give us ten.
Club Merchandise on Offer
Celebrate the spirit of cricket with Kirkets T-shirts, India-Australia VCD and Sachin posters. Click here to avail these special offers.

Screensavers & Wallpapers
How can you make Sachin airdrop straight into your drawing room? All you need to do is download his image onto your desktop. Never-before-seen pictures of your favourite stars up for grabs.
Wicket Alert
Let us track the excitement for you. The next time a wicket falls, know about it without having to constantly refresh web-sites.
Bowl your maiden over with our special E-Cards.

Smack 'em
You always fancied yourself to be a Sachin Tendulkar. Here's is your chance to show the world your skills. The top scorers will figure in the Kirkets Hall of Fame.
Ruffle the toughs - Mess around with mean machines
Man enough to put some of the mean men on the cricket field in place? Find out in this game.
Snap it
Use your mouse - and your head - to catch the red cherry as it zips towards you.
Match Point
How good is your memory? The faster you are, the keener your intellect. Your time starts now.

Chill Out Offline
Get to your friendly neighbourhood pub, where we'll have the local experts throw in their wisdom in an evening of unlimited cricket.
Fun Matches
Why let the stars have all the fun? If you are keen to play your own game but didn't know who to ask, let us sort out the details for you.
Classic Matches
So you were feverishly writing exams when VVS Laxman thrashed 281 against the Australians at Kolkata. Here’s your chance to relive those classic matches.
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Kirkets - Club Member
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