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  • "It's a great honour, especially since it's people who have played the game who decide the winner,. The past year has been a team year especially since it was a World Cup year. I like to think that I am receiving this award on behalf of the team,"
    - Dravid on winning the Castrol cricketer of the Year award.

  • "Each fraction (of a second) is important for a sportsman as everything happens in a fraction in a sport,"
    - Sachin Tendulkar on inaugurating the second Dr Aggarwal Eye Hospital in Bangalore.

  • "It's only understandable as a final at a full Eden against India is a daunting proposition for any side in the world."
    - Ponting when asked which team he would like to face in the Finals.

  • "The success against India on its soil is a result of the solid homework we did before the tour taking into consideration factors like pitch and noise conditions and climate,"
    - New Zealand team manager Lindsay Crocker.

  • I'd be pretty confident that I can put my name at the selection table, and from then on it's up to the selectors whether you play or not, fitness-wise I'm reasonably confident that I'll be there,"
    - Jason Gillespie on his chances for the forthcoming test series against India.
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