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Sachin sets the Racetrack Ablaze in Chennai

It was all happening at the Danny's karting center on a perfect Sunday evening as fans in huge numbers gathered to witness Sachin Tendulkar, Lara and Steve Waugh who were on a Karting spree as the MRF-MAI Formule Mondiale Championship got underway.

The crowd also got a surprise when Dennis Lillee also joined the karting bandwagon and was presents an hour before the scheduled start to get a feel of the track.

When the race had started amidst huge roars from the crowd it was Sachin Tendulkar in the lead all the way till the last lap (8 laps) when he waited for the others to catch up with him and the crowd cheering them all the way to the finish line.

Sachin during the presentation ceremony said, "We are here to grace the occasion and one must respect rivals and Steve (who was second at that point of time) encountered some engine problems" Steve Waugh and Lara had quoted that it was a unique and enjoyable experience for them and wished the participants good luck.

Sachin also complimented the huge crowd that was present and quoted that the atmosphere was similar to a cricket match and asked the crowd to keep up the spirit for the forthcoming races. Then it was champagne time and the stars had some fun.

Steve Waugh was mobbed my media persons after the race as Sachin swiftly overcame them with a quick sprint.