Standard Chartered
Apply for the Standard Chartered Cricket Credit Card Now!

The rewards of owning a cricket card go beyond the boundary! Here are some of the privileges of using your Air Sahara Standard Chartered Cricket Card.

An all expenses paid* trip to South Africa for the India-Pakistan match during the World Cup. A lucky draw decides if you’re one of 20 lucky winners.

As a privileged Air Sahara Standard Chartered Cricket Card holder, you can be a member of Kirkets, the action packed cricket club created by CricInfo and Kingfisher. You could thus avail 15% off on all cricketing gear and memorabilia available on Cricshop. Plus other great offers.
Invitation to watch matches on giant screens in your city. Online games on the Kirkets web site. Special offers on travel packages. Priority booking for cricket matches round the world!

Get 2 discount vouchers which give you 20% off on Adidas goods between Sep 2002 and Feb 2003. Vouchers redeemable on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2500.

15% off on air tickets on Air Sahara for a week after India wins any international one day match.
5% discount on booking an Air ticket on Air Sahara through the Air Sahara ticket counters.
2 extra runs for every flight till 26th January, 2003.

Up to 15% off on Samsung colour TVs, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners through a special mail order form.

Double reward points on anything you buy, the day after India wins any international one day match.
*Trip includes tickets for the match, airfare and hotel stay and food for 3 days, 4 nights.


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