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Play The Kirkets Dhamaka Weekly Cricket Contest from 1st Feb 2003- 31st March 2003.

Win exciting weekly prizes, ranging from colour TVs, VCD players and holiday vouchers.

All participants will get to win ACS CricInfo Almanack CDs.

Pay Rs.150 & get annual membership of Kirkets The Cricket Club and avail of a host of benefits and also participate in this contest.

1. In the Super Six match between India and Sri Lanka, who would be the Man-of-the-Match?

Mohd. Kaif
Yuvraj Singh
Sachin Tendulkar
None of these

2. In the same match, how many wickets will the Indian Pace Trio of Srinath, Zaheer and Nehra take?

All ten
None of these

3. In the Super Six match between Australia and New Zealand, which batsman would hit the maximum number of fours?

Andre Adams
Nathan Astle
None of these

4. How many runs will Kenya score against Australia in their Super Six round match?

225 and above

5. Name the batsman who holds the record for the fastest century in World Cup Cricket history?

Navjot Sidhu
John Davison
Kapil Dev

(Complete the slogan in not more than 15 words):
Why is Cricket a Religion in India?

By participating in this contest, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of this contest.



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