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"Sign for our Win" Through Krish Srikkanth

Kirkets The Kingfisher CricInfo Cricket Club for cricket fans across the country and ChicKing- Franchisee of Banquet Foods international UK - conducted a campaign - "Sign for our Win"- ahead of the start of the 2003 World Cup at ChicKing, Nungambakkam Chennai, between 7.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m..

The wishes of the fans that were collected during the campaign will be passed on to the Indian Cricket Team through Kirkets Club brand Ambassador, Mr.Krish Srikkanth. The former Indian captain and dashing opener of the victorious 1983 Indian team, was the chief guest at the function oragnised by Kirkets The Kingfisher CricInfo Cricket Club and ChicKing and accepted all the wishes from cricket fans and Kirkets club members and thanked them for the wishes for the Indian cricket team.

Krish Srikkanth said that India is definitely going to qualify for the semifinals and all these wishes would go a long way in motivating the Indian cricket team and congratulated the efforts by Chicking and the Kirkets Club in coming up with this "Best Wishes Signature campaign".

As part of the evening, the dashing former Indian opening batsman inaugurated the ChicKing Pavilion hall, which will be used for screening of World Cup 2003 matches. During every match screened there, Kirkets Club has plans of holding special cricket quizzes and games, with lots of exciting prizes on offer.

As part of providing the complete cricket entertainment package, ChicKing announced special Cricket Combo meals, which would be available during the World Cup match screenings.

All Kirkets members can avail of 15% discount on all ChicKing's products by producing a minimum bill of Rs 100 at their Nungambakkam and Adyar outlets. They can avail a 10% discount similarly at their Cochin branch.

The Kirkets club membership has a healthy base of more than 26,000 members spread across the country and is well set to touch its target base of 40,000-50,000 members by the end of World Cup 2003.

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