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Kirkets in your town:

Pune bowled by the Kirkets Club and Big Merv

Kingfisher and CricInfo hosted the screening of the 1983 World Cup finals on a giant screen. Kirkets members were invited for a royal treat with fabulous 50% discount on Kingfisher and a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with the tall 6 feet 6 inches fast bowler from Trinidad & Tobago, Mervyn Dillon, the current spear head of the West Indies fast bowling department. The members were in for a pleasant surprise with the cute looking Sophiya, Mervyn's wife, accompanying him to add glamour to the evening.

This is what Mervyn had to say at the Elbow The Room Pub, Pune, the venue where the 1983 World Cup finals was screened on a giant screen on 26th of October 2002:

I was nine years old when India beat West Indies in the 1983 World Cup finals and there was no television back home. So I never got to see the action.Saying so, Merv was glued to the screen watching the 1983 finals action. Merv rates Curtly Ambrose as his all time favourite pace bowlers.

The 28 year old Trinidadian confessed that it is tough being a fast bowler, but thanks to the examples set by Andy Roberts, Curtly, Courtney, Wasim Akrams and Bishop, which motivates me to keep performing day in and day out.

When one of the Kirkets members queried about what strategy would he employ to get rid of Sachin Tendulkar: Merv had this to say: I would pray god to give me lots of luck, other than the strategy.

The tall shy man was cajoled to conduct a cricket quiz and he did a wonderful job and gave away prizes ranging from beer mugs, cricket VCDs and India T-shirts.

Before signing-off, Merv had a go at the go-karting racing center to prove that Fast bowlers are indeed born on the fast tracks.

Watch out for more such Kirkets action in your town.

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