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Letters to the Editor: 11-20 January 1998

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Tue Jan 20 10:18:32 GMT 1998
Message from (mahesh Trikannad)

South Africa has really dominated the one day game.

If they play test matches with the same atitude , wont they win. I mean if they can make 300 in a one day why cant they use the same technique to make 300 in tests.  Iam no expert but just maybe its a matter of atitude.

I want Australia to win offcourse

Tue Jan 20 09:14:15 GMT 1998
Message from (JK Shekar)

I read all the recent mails about Azhar, Sachin, Dravid, Steve and the Bradman-Arvinda issue.

It seems to me that Sachin was never cut out to do the skippers job and dropping Azhar after the England series which the Indian lost narrowly 1-0 was a grave mistake!

Many Indian captains have lead teams abraod and although India lost badly on those tours the axe was not weilded the. Anyway I think Azhar return to the fold is a blessing for India as was shown in the way he handled the side in the Independence Cup Final.

Thanks to Azhar and the Indian batsman, Pakistan were humiliated and India's answer to Miandad sixer of Sharjah was delivered beautifully, that too in a place so suitable Bangladesh.

All that crap about Azhar playing to get out under Tendulkar is not justified because if Azhar was doing so why was Tendulkar quiet about it! Since India is now winning which is the most important thing, i think all those Azhar critics should roll up their tail and wait for the India-Aust series to begin.

I think Azhar captaincy will really come to test here and I have no doubts that the Australian are in for a rough ride. India should sharpen their spin attack and sort out the Chauhan issue asap. The Australian are a suspect against spin and India should have no problem winning if they can sharpen their bowling.

Of course Prasad and Dravid will be recalled for the Tests and Robin Singh may play as the third seamers ( the allrounder in the side ). As for the Arvinda-Don issue i think there is no comparison between the two as these cricketers are from different times.

Even if we were to say that there was a batsman better than Don it would never be Arvinda. With regards to Steve, I would just like to statethat he is never a ODI man, the sooner he is replaced as captain the better for Australia! I can wait to see the Kumble-Warne Tendulkar-Steve contest!

Mon Jan 19 22:39:07 GMT 1998
Message from (Sujeewa)

I firmly believe that the ICC should select a "cricketer of the year" on an annual basis. For instance FIFA selects a "Footballer of the year "(1997-Ronaldo/Brasil) and a "Runner up footballer of the year"(1997-Roberto Carlos/Brasil).Even the ATP selects a player of the year(1997-Sampras & Hingis)

The performance in both tests and one day matches in a calendar year should be considered. Based on the 1997 performance, some of the leading candidates for the award would be:

                              Test                         One day
Aravinda                 1220 runs                       1212 runs
Jayasuriya               1271 runs                       1178 runs
Tendulkar                1000 runs                       1011 runs
Ganguly                   848 runs                       1338 runs
Dravid                    984 runs                        951 runs
Saqlain                    32 wkts                         68 wkts
Warne                      68 wkts                         23 wkts

Mon Jan 19 19:12:47 GMT 1998
Message from (Sohail Ahmed)

I personally demand there must be a survey on the issue of BANGLADESH-ENGLAND game.

I think the decision for survey and the topics was made "hastily" last time when Bangladesh was beaten by Kenya. Everybody keeps quite now !! May I know why ? I would like to request all the cricket fans in the world to raise their voice  agianst "the survey" that was done few months ago. It is infact a very de-motivating approach for spreading cricket around the world. It cleary depicts there is a small group of people - who consider cricket as an "elite game" and does not want other country to play cricket at "their level". Not Bangladesh and Kenya - there are also quite a few countries who should be considered to be awarded ODI status within 5/6 years such as Denmark, Hong Kong, PNG,  Irland and Scottland.

However, Bangladesh deserves to be the 10th test playing  nation at this point of time. There should not be any doubt regarding this. It is crystal clear.

Mon Jan 19 18:27:40 GMT 1998
Message from (Subhash kari)

I don't think that it is fair, to give full credit to Lara for the West Indian victory over India at Barbados. Major credit for their win goes to the pitch, their bowlers and the Umpires. The umpires committed two grave errors which changed the course of the match. The wicket of Tendulkar of a No ball in the 1st inn. and then of Sidhu in the 2nd inn. Tendulkar was batting superbly and though he would have played the same shot irrespective of the ruling the law says that he is not out.

Lara had good field placements but then what was the team management doing on the eve of the final days play? Certainly a lot of thought was given to it. What Lara should get credit for is his catch of Sachin.

Lastly, Lara may be a good captain but he has to prove it in the coming years.

Mon Jan 19 09:44:40 GMT 1998
Message from (suniltawde)
your live telecast was very poor.
Mon Jan 19 02:39:55 GMT 1998
Message from (Sujeewa)

Steve Waugh himself has proved beyond doubt that only great batsmen can adjust quickly and perform equally well in both tests and one day matches. He him self realises why he cannot be grouped together with great batsmen like Aravinda, Tenulkar,Mark Waugh and Lara. These batsmen excel in both tests and one day matches and have scored atleast 10 centuries each  in both types of cricket and are great entertainers. Steve Waugh performs well only in tests and simply cannot hold a bat in the one dayers and has scored only one century in the one dayers in 230 matches. Further his performance in the on going Carlton and United series must be surely a record for a top order batsman. In six innings to score just 12 runs at an average of 2.00 (7,4,0,0,1,DNP,0) and still to retain his place in the side and also to retain the one day captaincy is amazing.

It is unfortunate that Shane Warne with years of experience and who is great performer in both types of cricket and after having captained Victoria has to take a back seat and is not given the captaincy just because of seniority. The senior players who are given the nod for captaincy in tests and the one dayers cannot secure a permanent place in the side if not for being the captain.

The only way that Australia can make an impact in the 1999 world cup is by introducing new blood such as Wilson, Gilchrist, Ponting, Blewett and so on. These players need to be given a fair chance to prove them selves. They should not be dropped simply because they fail in one match. All credit to the Ausralian selectors for having faith in the young guns and giving them the opportunity to play in the one day series. They may have to adopt the same strategy in the test side as well in the near future in order to remain as the best test playing nation.

Sun Jan 18 17:29:14 GMT 1998
Message from (Daniel King)

I was rather shocked by the overwhelming majority who considered India's one day win over Pakistan today (18/1/98) more important an event than Sri Lanka's come back against Zimbabwe. Is this representative of the wholesale abandoning of Test cricket for the ephemeral adrenalin of the limited overs. The Test was surely a much harder-fought battle in true cricketing style and tradition and will last longer in the memory of the players involved than the apparantly more popular sideshow.

Mon Jan 19 09:44:40 GMT 1998
Message from (suniltawde)
your live telecast was very poor.
Sat Jan 17 01:50:03 GMT 1998

The coverage of u-19 world cup is very poor by all standards.Latest scores arrive very late.Scorecards are given after one or two days. Schedule has not been updated at all so that we could find the pairings or groups (as we don't know the format) of super or plate leagues. Overall this has been a very poor attempt.

(CricInfo is providing the most complete coverage of the Youth World Cup of any internet site, and will probably be of a depth surpassing any of the print media in the long run. It is certainly far and away the most thorough and ambitious coverage of any junior-age cricketing competition ever. Special thanks must be made to the many CricInfo volunteers in South Africa and all over the world who have added the collation and maintenance of Youth World Cup scorecards and related information to their already hectic workload. Special thanks also to the organising committee for the Youth World Cup for their cooperation and to the tournament media officer, CricInfo Interactive correspondent Trevor Chesterfield. I appreciate Mr Lodhi's high level of expectation. - Ed.)

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 22:37:37
From: Anupam Haldar (

It is sad but true that your coverage of Independence Cup (particularly the final) was very disappointing experience.

Sat Jan 17 07:33:19 GMT 1998
Message from (Sunil Joishy)

Why don't people leave Azhar alone? When he doesn't score, they say he should be dropped. When he scores now they point fingers that he purposely played badly under Tendulkar's captaincy which ultimately caused him to lose that job. Let me remind these people who are doubting Azhar that his best performances recently were in crucial circumstances irrespective of whether he was the captain or not. In fact, he moulded Tendulkar into a fine one-day batsman by giving him an opprtunity to open the innings and prove his mettle. Even when Azhar was stripped of his captaincy, he was humble and offered more then his 100 percent on the field either while fielding or batting.

I have never seen a more dedicated cricketer than Azhar in recent times. The proof lies in his performances.

So Mr.Criticizer of Azhar, think twice before arguing about Azhar's intentions.

Fri Jan 16 17:01:50 GMT 1998
Message from (Asim Abdul-Razak)

I agree that if you see closely it will seem as if Paul Adams is flicking the ball with his wrists but I don't think he is alone in international cricket.

Consider the following:

  1. Watching Mulidharran bowling in slow motion it seems very    clear that he flicks the ball with his wrists which could    explain why they always seem to turn in the same direction.
  2. During the '96-'97 series against England in England,    Waqar Younis was bowling while only turning his arm in a    45 degree arc rather than a full circle.  He wasn't    penalised for it and continued his bowling attack.
  3. If you see Shahid Afridi's fast ball it seems he is using    an illegal bowling move to attack the batsman.
  4. Same is true for some of the bowling attacks of Anil    Kumble.
I think the fault lies with the ICC rules committee.  The rules specifying a proper bowling action are not defined(as is the case with a lot of other cricket rules).  Unless and until the ICC properly defines the rules, problems such as those aforementioned will keep on happening and issues on ball tampering will remain controversial.

(Law 24, Note (a) - which defines a "throw" within the context of the no-ball rule, states the following:

"This definition shall not debar a bowler from the use of the wrist in the delivery string."
The bowling action used by Waqar Younis as described above is wholly legitimate. - Ed.)
Fri Jan 16 03:45:16 GMT 1998
Message from (Steve Samuelson)

I am still reeling after reading the letter stating that Aravinda De Silva is a better batsman than the GREAT Don Bradman. Where does one find the audacity to even mention Aravinda's name in the same breath as the Don. The fact is Bradman had to play on uncovered pitches and had his career interupted by the Second World War. Bradman was so good that the English had to devise a tactic called Bodyline to contain him (he still averaged 55 in that series). None of the current crop of great bowlers in the world need to devise a special tactic to get rid of Aravinda because they know than only have to roll their arm over to pick up his wicket. And as for not facing Muralitharan during  1930's, well I can only imagine the Don would be licking his lips at the prospect because his test average would have been 150 not 99.

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 08:37:23
From: Andrew Spencer (

I would just like to congratulate everyone at CricInfo on your excellent work.  The site enables the everyday cricket fan to have their opinion heard by everyone around the world.

Good on ya guys - well done

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 12:37:25
From: Barry Glynn (

I am afraid the  judgement stating that deSilva is better than Bradman seems clouded in bias. Just look at the Test average of Bradman 99.96. Now compare it against whatever Desilva has obtained. Does this person think that there were no good bowlers around in Bradmans time? If so then I think the knowledge here is much in need of education.

Whilst comparing players from different generations is not a practical thing to do, to state that only the last 20 years has Test cricket yielded bowlers of great ability is ignorance of the highest level. Also Desilva has not faced many of the bowlers stated therefore making the statement even more ludicrous. Once in while a person comes about who stands miles above mere mortals, Bradman is such a person. Oh and I am English so any thoughts of Xenophobia can go straight out the window!

Equipment changes, wickets change, laws change but ability is forever. As with golf, the scores that are made today might be slightly lower than of years ago but not when one takes away equipment from the equation. Just imagine how much harder Bradman would have hit with a modern bat, how much more abundant would have been his magnificent pull shot.

It really is a shame when Patriotism takes over from pure admiration of talent

Wed Jan 14 04:20:40 GMT 1998
Message from (Fred Besterwitch)

Hi, Great Page! I living in Melbourne, Australia and would like to play cricket in any league in Melbourne. Contact me at through Email.

Mon Jan 12 13:18:02 GMT 1998
Message from (S Jagadish)
Message from (Sheela Kumban)
For a long time people are telling the same thing praising Bradman. Will Bradman would have score the same number runs against the bowlers who came after him???  A definite NO. Just think of it. Bowlers like Marshall, Garner, Holding, Imran, Willis, Hadlee, Botham, Kapil, Akram, Walsh, Ambrose, Muralitharan, Saqlain, Bedi, Chandrasekar, Prasanna, Venkat etc.,
Last I checked up, Sir Don's average was 99.94 (6996 runs from 52 tests). Aravinda's was 42 (4500 runs from 66 tests). While it is difficult to compare players from different eras, averages certainly dont lie. Probably only God has a 100+ average.

Aravinda NEVER played a test v/s Marshall, Garner, Holding, Willis, Hadlee,  Bedi, Chandra, Prasanna or Venkat. Unless something drastic happens (like quitting SL to play for NZL like he was planning to do some time ago, he probably will _NEVER_ face Muralitharan in a test either :)

If Aravinda gets 6000 runs in 30 tests (which is around 5-6 years, going by the amount of tests SL plays currently), he will have an average of around 60 at the end of his career. _THAT_s how good the Don is.

Mon Jan 12 05:34:05 GMT 1998
Message from (Mr. Naik)

Hey guys, (Selectors)

How come Azhar is in good form. This means he can play at any crucial time, but he did'nt wanted to play. The reason behind this is that he wanted to lead the country and he was feeling uneasy to play under a guy who is 10 years younger to him. Is this kind of thinking is good for the Indian Cricket. What is the use of giving advice to somebody, who is leased bother about their country.

Well, one more question I would like to ask the selectors is: What is the reason behind dropping Rahul Dravid? It is seen and heard from many, saying the pepsi ad is the main reason of dropping Rahul Dravid, because the ad was snatched by Sachin Tendulkar, who was demanding an amount of 2 Crores and the deal was done for 60 lakhs by Rahul Dravid. Is it correct, if it is please advice, is it justifying towards the selector, who are acting as toy under some wellknown & good players and wanting to spoil some other good players.

Where were the selectors, when Azhar demanded that he want's to play at number 3, why did the selectors refused to his saying. This means that Azhar is having good hold at selectors for which they (selectors) listen to him, whatever he say's.

What is the action taken for Rajesh Chauhan's action. Is the Indian Cricket Board is taking some serious thinking or they want to spoil his career also.

Selectors, please reply. If you are not replying it means you are not good enough to hold the position. Please resign.

Mon Jan 12 04:58:15 GMT 1998
Message from (Saif Ali Khan)

The message from one Sheela Kumban inspired me to write this. I don't know how one can compare DeSilva with Bradman. Bradman was a class of his own and DeSilva is no where near. She asks how Don would have fared against Ambrose, McGrath, Marchall etc. I ask her, Does she know Desilva's record outside subcontinent. Trust me, DeSilva is a flat track bully. He will struggle ouside subcontinent. Even his overall stats are not even half that of Bradman. Look at DeSilva's stats and one would find that he doesn't even have an average stats outside subcontinent against WI, RSA, AUs etc.

Even the experts, ( Gavaskar and Boycott ) who recently formulated teh current ultimate test eleven, rightly choise not to include DeSilva. Guess Why? If the match is played in RSA or Aus or WI, you will be one batsman short with Desilva in the team.

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