Apr 2000: Poll results

Who is Australia's greatest ever ODI wicketkeeper?
17 Apr 2000 - 24 Apr 2000
Adam Gilchrist64%(424 votes)
Ian Healy27%(178 votes)
Rod Marsh7%(50 votes)
Other0%(5 votes)

Would you prefer the Ansett Test series to be against the one side or a split series against two teams?
23 Apr 2000 - 24 Apr 2000
One Team40%(4 votes)
Two Teams60%(6 votes)

Who should make way for Ricky Ponting when he comes back into the Test team?
10 Apr 2000 - 17 Apr 2000
Matthew Hayden55%(541 votes)
Justin Langer2%(20 votes)
Damien Martyn19%(190 votes)
Michael Slater3%(32 votes)
Mark Waugh10%(97 votes)
Steve Waugh1%(13 votes)
Leave the side as it is7%(76 votes)

In order to reduce the incidence of mistakes through fatigue, should the two umpires on the field and the third umpire be rotated each session?
5 Apr 2000 - 10 Apr 2000
Yes53%(238 votes)
No46%(207 votes)

Do you think Greg Blewett should have been dropped from the Test team?
30 Mar 2000 - 5 Apr 2000
Yes60%(462 votes)
No39%(301 votes)

Who will win the Sydney First Grade final?
27 Mar 2000 - 1 Apr 2000
Bankstown25%(1 votes)
St George75%(3 votes)

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