Name Suwanji Madanayake Suwanji Madanayake
Nationality Sri Lankan
Player type Bowling all-rounder (LH bat, Slow Left Arm Orthodox)
Country required United Kingdom
Available from Start of new Season
Standard Sri Lanka A pool, Board XI sides, First Class
Remuneration GBP 4000
Agent Name CricInfo
Agent Email
Statistical record Click here
Profile Suwanji Madanayake, 28-years-old, is a genuine Left Arm all-rounder; a man who could bamboozle your opponents with his assortment of back-of-the-hand tricks and then guide the team to victory with a solid middle order innings. He has not played international cricket, but he has developed his game alongside such international stars as Aravinda, Tillekaratne, Arnold and Kalpage at his club, the famous NCC. A good enthusiastic team man and a sound performer; he is kind of man every club needs.