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Ceylon Holiday Homes

Special tailor-made packages are offered at very attractive rates to suit your requirements and budget.

Option One: Comprehensive Budget Tour Package
For those looking for an economic and comprehensive tour of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Holiday Homes will organise an all inclusive package, including lodging at a comfortable central Colombo apartment, delicious food, transport to and from the matches, match day tickets, shopping tours and trips around Sri Lanka, into the lush temperate hill-country or south to relax on one of the many palm-lined beaches.

Option two: Match Tour Package
This will include lodging at a comfortable Colombo apartment or guesthouse, transport - to and from the airport and the venues, and tickets for the matches.

Option Three: Home away from Home
For those wanting to enjoy a relaxed home-like atmosphere during their stay in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Holiday Homes will find a suitable apartment in central Colombo.

Option Four: Special Tour Package
For those hankering after the luxury of a five star hotel, Ceylon Holiday Homes will take care of all your travel arrangements, including accommodation, transport - to and from the airport and grounds, tickets for the matches and optional excursions to the Cultural Triangle, hill-country and south coast beaches.

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