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                           4.  ADMINISTRATIVIA

                          4.1  Revision history
   This  is  version 1.1 of this paper.  Version 1.0 of the IRCprimer was
released  in  postscript  form  in June 1992 because I was sick of people
asking  for  an  IRC  or  ircII  manual  (and  it was a good way to learn
LaTeX!).   During  summer  1992  Owe  Rasmussen  did  a  very  nice  text
conversion  of  the  paper.  Due to the support and many remarks I got, a
new version  is finally completed  (special thanks to Olaf Titz !), along
with Owe's plain ascii conversion.

   The primer is available in 3 formats:

           Postscript version
                  IRCprimer.txt:    Plain text version
                  IRCprimer.tex.Z:  Source code.

                  4.2  Release sites for the IRCprimer

   The  latest  version  of  the primer can be found on the following ftp
sites, thanks to their admins:

                    Table 21: IRCprimer release sites
                     ftp site           location
                     ~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~

   Here's how to get the latest primer postscript version for example:

        ~ > ftp
        ftp> verbose off
        Verbose mode off.
        ftp> open
        Name ( ftp
        Password: yourname@yourhost
        ftp> cd irc/support
        ftp> bin
        ftp> get
        ftp> quit
        ~ > uncompress
        ~ >

                  4.3  Copyright (C) 1993 Nicolas PIOCH

   This  manual  is  free; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the  terms  of  the  GNU  General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 2 of the license, or (at your option)
any later version.

   This  manual  is  distributed  in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT   ANY   WARRANTY;   without   even   the   implied   warranty  of
Public License for more details.

   You  should  have  received  a  copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this manual; if not, write to the

                     Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
                              675 Mass Ave,
                        Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

                              4.4  Credits

   Interesting  informations  contained in this paper are due to the work
of various people interested in IRC improvement; I'm only responsible for
omissions and mistakes :-)

   It's  impossible  to  give here a full list, however special thanx are
due to (in analphabetical order):

 |   Real life (uh ?)       IRC          E-mail                        |
 |   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~          ~~~~~~                        |
 |   Christopher Davis      ckd                   |
 |   Christophe Wolfhugel   Zolf       |
 |   Darren Reed            Avalon      |
 |   Greg Lindahl,          Wumpus             |
 |   Helen Rose             Trillian                 |
 |   Ian Frechette          Daemon    |
 |   Jarkko Oikarinen       WiZ            |
 |   Jeff Trim                        |
 |   Jonathon E. Tidswell   Ernie              |
 |   Karl Kleinpaste        poptart     |
 |   Matthew Alderson       thecure   |
 |   Matthew Green          phone       |
 |   Mauri Haikola          Mauri             |
 |   Michael Sandrof        BigCheese          |
 |   Olaf Titz              praetorius              |
 |   Ove Ruben R. Olsen     Gnarfer          |
 |   Ronald van Loon        rvl              |
 |   Troy Rollo             Troy         |

   Feel  free  to bug me with your comments, I hope I'll have enough time
to reply.

                                               Paris, February 21, 1993,
                                                    Ecole Polytechnique,

                                                          Nicolas PIOCH.

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