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Justin Langer
Sunday 3 October 1999
Day four, third Test at Colombo

A day that started off so promisingly turned, once again, into one of frustration and despair as the rain hit the water logged SSC ground with the same intensity as we have experienced all week. Just after lunch, yet another monstrous black storm cloud floated from the direction of the coast and hung like a threatening intruder before opening its gates all over Colombo.

Although it wasn't as vicious as we seen over the last five days, it was heavy enough to ensure yet another abandoned day of Test cricket. Dressing room entertainment is beginning to wear a little thin as there is only so many games of UNO one can play and the replays of the Test match so far have already been shown about five times in the past 72 hours. If nothing else, my Aussie rules and touch rugby skills are on the improve thanks to the lack of cricket that has been played on this tour. It is more like football weather over here than the necessary conditions we need for Test cricket.

On the positive front we are still in a very strong position in this game but as I predicted last night it could well be the rain that gets in the way of our chances of equalising this series. Damien Fleming will be desperate to bowl again tomorrow as his outswingers came out of his hand very well today and he has a chance to bowl us to a now unlikely Test victory. Time and the elements will tell!

All the boys were pumped to see the netball girls winning the World Cup in New Zealand. Well done ladies! It would be great to see the Wallabies making it a threesome of World Cup victories for the good guys with a win in England.

From Colombo, JL