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Justin Langer
Sunday 12 September 1999
'Hooter' Alcott to the rescue yet again

Erroll Alcott is more than just a physiotherapist to the Australian cricket team. Having been with the team for longer than any of its current members, 'Hooter' is an integral part of the cherished furniture of the Australian cricket set-up. Steve Waugh said to him in the changing room after his collision, "whatever happens 'Hoot', you are not leaving my side, I don't want to have a nose looking like a veteran boxer's."

As promised Erroll stayed with 'Tugga' and Jason Gillespie from the moment they left the ground in a helicopter to the time Steve checked out of the hospital this afternoon. Thanks to his expertise and guidance, both of the boys gained the best possible medical advice and supervision, and are now on the road to recovery. Not only is he a great physiotherapist but he is also something of a father figure to a lot of the guys in the team. This morning he was spotted down in the restaurant with a plate full of waffles and maple syrup.

When quizzed why he was leaving the restaurant with this plate of goodies he quickly replied that they were for his mate with the broken leg up in room 234. He was taking breakfast for 'Dizzy' who has been stuck in his hotel bed for the last few days and looks likely to be there until he returns to Australia on Thursday. A nurse, a doctor, a mother, a father, and a good mate to all in the Australian cricket team, 'Hooter' is a beauty.

From Colombo, JL