Club News

16 December 2000

Reports in the national and international press are suggesting that Jacques Kallis may not play for Glamorgan next summer. According to a report in today`s "The Daily Telegraph", Ali Bacher, the Managing Director of the United Cricket Board of South Africa is putting pressure on their contracted players not to sign for English counties this coming summer.

A statement, attributed to Kallis, made earlier this week, suggests that the South African would turn down Glamorgan`s lucrative contract "to ensure I would be fit for next season`s home and away series against Australia."

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There is also speculation in the Press that Robert Croft could be drafted into the England squad for their tour to Sri Lanka.

Croft, in an interview with the `Western Mail` said "I am aware that there is some speculation about possible changes to the England squad and that my name has been mentioned as one that might be considered. At the end of last season I made some comments about the England set-up that in hindsight I should not have done. I reacted on the spur of the moment. I regret the fact that some of the things I said were misinterpreted. I can assure people there was never any intention to criticise either players or management."

"If the opportunity does come along for me to re-establish myself in the England team, I want to make it clear that I would love to have a chance to try and do so. I do not think I have done justice to my ability at international level recently, possibly the main reason why I reacted in the way that I did. If there is any prospect of me getting back into the fold I want to grab hold of it."

"The team have done fantastically well in winning the series in Pakistan. Even if one or two changes are going to be made, clearly I cannot take anything for granted. But I would love to play a part and hopefully, the call will come."