Kent Visitors' Book 1997-98

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Roger Amos ( 30 December 1998:
Congratulations Dean Headley for a brilliant performance in the fourth test at the M.C.G. Eat your words Botham and any of your other pundits who have been critical of Headley, in particular giving him the new ball. That's why your a commentator and will never be Charman of Selectors!

Claire ( 29 December 1998:
Please can you pass on my congratulations to the star of the match!! Well done Dean, hope you had a good christmas, I'm sure this has made it for you!

Joanne Mayes ( 29 November 1998:
Great site with lots of info but what about the Kent Girls teams?

William Turrell writes: We intend to add more information about cricket coaching for girls and other womens' cricket news in the near future - however we do not receive very many details so if anyone wants to contact us they are more than welcome to do so.

Kevin Booth ( 21 November 1998:
Thanks for the site, the club doesn't seem able to manage one, so this will do nicely!

I am a Kent member since 1977. I believe the club should be as loyal to players as they expect the players to be to them. I also think the rank and file membership is taken for granted, and that the majority have to suffer because of the idiot minority. Searching bags for alcohol and admission vouchers are two examples.

The moral is that loud drunken behaviour is only acceptable if you wear a suit and come from a hospitality tent.

What do you think? Final note: Recall Aravinda!

Behram Sabawala ( 31 October 1998:
Was delighted to visit this site having been a Kent supporter for SO many years now, more particularly of the Cowdrey clan. We Indians are cricket fan(atic)s, and I've always loved the game, having been born and bred amongst Wisdens and The Cricketer magazines! All thanks to my father who is of the old school and believes the one-day game will be the death of cricket, though he grudgingly accepts that perhaps the only benefit is the superb standard of fielding. It's wonderful that it's now possible to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings thanks to sites like this, will surely keep visiting.

Steve Boarder ( 27 October 1998:
So, reactions to Steve Marsh's sacking as captain? My own initial feeling is sympathy, as he couldn't have done much more with the resources (especially batting-wise) at his disposal: and it was only last season that Kent were in the running for 3 trophies. But the choice of Fleming could turn out to be an astute one, if possibly short-term.

Roger Amos ( 28 September 1998:
Many thanks for keeping me up to date on all the latest happenings at the club. As a Man of Kent marooned on the Isle of Wight its great to keep in touch.

Regards to everyone for the winter months, bring on summer 99!

Steve Boarder ( 22 September 1998:
Another note of thanks for the reports - excellent, even in a disappointing season. The question of the overseas player for 1999 is an interesting one - any suggestions? Hooper and de Silva tied up in World Cup duties, no doubt, and it seems pretty clear we need a batter rather than a bowler.

Simon Court ( 15 September 1998:
Just a brief message of thanks for your excellent reports on Kent's season. They are much appreciated by this Kentish man in East Anglian exile.

Kent County Cricket Club PLC? Time will tell!

Enjoy the winter as best you can (The Ashes may offer some consolation!)

Lionel R Eras ( 14 September 1998:
Just a line from the Arizona desert to say thank you for the information you provide a former Kent member who first watched the County play as a schoolboy from the Harvey Grammar on the Polo fields in Folkestone in the mid 1960's.

You have no idea how the Internet has kept me in touch with home and I feel that many others around the world may feel the gratitude to everyone at CricInfo that I do but do not take the opportunity to express it.

May I wish you and your family and all who follow Kent Cricket an enjoyable and not too cold or wet winter, and I know we all look forward to the beginning of a new season in April 1999.

Alan Phillips ( 14 September 1998:
Many thanks for your great work during this last season. A little disappointing from a Kent supporter's viewpoint but some rare individual successes. How is that Kent always get a "good" overseas player and I use the word good in its widest range of meanings? - Asif, Shepherd, Da Silva, Strang, Hooper.....

Jimmy Hinchliffe ( 14 September 1998:
This is an excellent newsletter.

I don't get to games because I am stuck 'up north' in Sheffield finishing my Ph.D. but hope to be working in London soon so will hopefully get to matches next season.

I am rather distressed to hear that Carl Hooper (my favourite batsman in the world) is leaving. I realise that there is the world cup next year, but there is still the season after. Why is he leaving?

Peter Bradford ( 11 September 1998:
Just found your website. Every time I've got back to the UK from my home in the US in the past few years, I've managed to get to Canterbury. Thanks for years of fun.

M Diddams ( 30 August 1998:
I have just received the Summer 1998 edition of Kent Calling, the KCCC newsletter, and am disturbed by the third paragraph of the Chairman's report, one David Kemp. In it he complains - or whinges? - that this year's AGM was dominated by a few members who felt strongly on certain topics and were highly critical of the club's management and performance last year. He then goes on to say the it has been suggested that at next year's AGM members should be encouraged to ask questions rather than make observations, limit themselves to one question and to submit questions in writing before the meeting.

If these suggestions are taken up it will result in the AGM becoming a farce similar to Prime Minister's question time, certain question are submitted and selected, then replies prepared by 'spin doctors' showing all concerned in the best possible light, in short a mutual admiration society, dissent to these replies not being possible as observations will not be encouraged, or even tolerated? Persons who have purchased membership have also purchased the right to make their views known and as as the chairman points out in his article, the AGM is the only time, under present arrangements, that they can do this. Yes, one can write to the club, but that usually results in a reply acknowledging receipt of letter and, if one is lucky, eventually getting a PR handout as a reply.

This particular pararaph makes it appear that the KCCC are stuck in a Lord Harris 'time warp,' many members, especially the revolting ones, are, like professional cricketers, members of the lower classes and should do what has been ordained for them, pay up, shut up and only allowed to attend the club's AGM to rubber-stamp any proposals put before them. Persons like Mr Eded being regarded at latter day Watt Tylers, rabble rousers and trouble makers and should be dealt with as poor old Watt was. Now there's an idea to pull in the pay-at-the-gate punter, hold public executions during the lunch interval, much more exciting than a ladies best hat competition, only problem with this idea is that Kent would rapidly run out of top order batsmen.

Kent should adopt the practice I observed at the New Road ground in Worcester. Worcestershire committee members wore a badge denoting this fact, along with their names and mingled with the members, who could then ask them questions, state an opinion or make a complaint, these then could normally be dealt with on the spot or within a short space of time, so no need for them to be raised at their AGM, much more in keeping with this democratic modern age. At Kent I would not recognise a committee member even if I tripped over one, so well do they keep themselves anonymous, where do they hide?

M Diddams ( 25 August 1998:
I have just read the report on the Kent v Worcs game on your web page and strongly disagree with the statement in it that Kent were in a strong position on the 3rd day of this game. I attended this mostly boring game for all 4 days and there was only a brief moment in it that Kent looked as if they had a chance, that was in Worcs 2nd innings when they were something like 43-4 at one stage, otherwise Kent were always struggling, thanks to the usual insipid batting of its top order batsmen and its bowling looking benign for much of the time. Also, as has happened so often in the past three years, Kent were saved by the lower order batting, not only did they save a game that looked hopelessly lost at one stage, but made the Kent score look respectable at the end, Philips, Headley, Patel and Thompson scoring 125 of the 270 runs made in 2nd innings.

This game was ruined by the negative batting of Worcester on the first day,it seemed that having lost their previous 4 county championship games they were playing for the draw from the outset, it was only on the last day they sensed they had a chance of victory and went for it, fortunately justice was done, neither side deserved to win, Worcs due to their negative attitude and Kent due to the all too frequent failures of their top order batsmen.

It is little wonder that county championship games are so poorly attended when boring fare like this is served up, who can blame the pay-at-the-gate punter for spending his/her money on other better and more exciting things. It does not need radical changes or gimmicks introduced into the game to make it attractive to more people, just a change of attitude from many of its players by performing to the best of their abilility at all times, whatever the state of the game or their counties position in the county table, after all that is what they are paid to do. But until the cosy club culture that exists in county cricket is overcome this will not happen.

A possible explanation for the apparently extra over that was bowled after 6 p.m. is that normally on the last day of a game, if there are less than 20 overs remaining at 5 p.m. then 20 overs can be claimed/played from 5 p.m. At 5 p.m. on the last day there were 19 overs remaining and the scoreboards were not reset to show 20 overs remaining, so when 19 overs had been bowled it appeared the game had ended but, if I am correct, there was still one over to go.

Ian Syer ( 14 August 1998:
Is there an e-mail address that one is able to contact to receive results, player profiles and individual performances throughout the season and past seasons? After residing, being schooled and playing club cricket in Kent - this would be of great interest. Supporter from Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. (Don't forget the Commonwealth Games are here and cricket for the first time is being played. 9th - 19th September 1998)

William Turrell writes: We have a Kent Cricket News Mailing List which sends out reports, scores and previews of Kent cricket every day. If you have queries about statistics and general information from past seasons then we will always try to help.

Krish Chidambaram ( 13 August 1998:
Enjoyed my visit to your site. I am a cricket fan from Chennai(Madras), India and follow English Cricket. I am hoping to be in England next Summer for the World Cup. I shall definitely visit Canterbury during World Cup.

Malik Wickramasuriya ( 12 August 1998:
I really appreciate your prompt response to the mails over your impressive web site. I hope your pitches also will be impressive hereafter.

Duminda Thalgaswatta ( 12 August 1998:
It is nice to see these kind of sites on the web which promotes cricket. And I also hope that your cricket pitches will be good as your homepage which doesn't bring injuries to international players.

Howard De Hoedt ( 7 August 1998:
Well done Aravinda, you kept Kent's Flag flying high.
Hope Hoopz will do it for Kent this time.

Govind Balasubramaniam ( 29 July 1998:
I would like to take this opportunity to wish Hoopz a happy married life and lots and lots of runs, catches and wickets in the future. Looking forward to a Hooper dominated World Cup.

Steve Boarder ( 1 June 1998:
So, were we sawn off by Surrey producing a knackered pitch for the Championship game in which we were so comprehensively humbled this weekend? Or did it just show that we don't have the technique to play top-class spinners? Was this a case of win the toss and win the match, or wouldn't a winning toss have made any difference?

What with the defeat by Leicestershire in the B&H quarters, it hasn't been a good week. A turning point in the season coming up? With Headley and Ealham missing for the next county game against a much-improved Sussex I don't think the outlook is good. Of course I hope to be proved wrong.

Steve Boarder ( 6 May 1998:
Like Emma, glad to see Kent have made a reasonable start to the season. I hear we are as low as 2-1 to win the AXA league already! Given our tendency for Devon Loch-like collapses near finishing lines, they seem very mean odds.

As a Kent exile in Wales I get to see them very rarely, so can anyone explain McCague's non-appearance this season? I had assumed injury but radio commentary of an AXA league match against Glamorgan suggested poor form - indeed a struggle to pitch the ball on the square this year. Can anyone enlighten?

Hope we can keep up our promising start (though as I write Surrey are threatening to wipe the floor with us in the B&H match).

Emma Finch ( 27 April 1998:
Well done Kent for being top of the Sunday League. Let's stay there!

Philip Palmer ( 26 April 1998:
I'd just like to congratulate you on an excellent website and top marks for e-mail distribution list. Since I'm not living in Kent, I miss out on the brilliant Sunday league commentary by Neil Bell and John Warnett. At least I can keep up with the latest information via e-mail. Thanks very much, keep up the good work. Lets hope Kent can finally go that one step further and win some trophies this season. p.s. I don't suppose there is any way of getting the Radio Kent Sunday cricket coverage over the internet, as that's one thing I really miss on a Sunday?

William Turrell writes: At present we're not able to broadcast the Radio Kent commentary live on the Internet - this is because we do not at present have the technical facilities we need to transmit the programme live from the ground over the Internet. However we hope to be able to do this in the near future, possibly next season. In the meantime details of the radio station's schedule are on our BBC Radio Kent pages.
Lester Hooper ( 23 April 1998:
I was very please to find this site since I spent sometime with the Kent cricket team a few summers ago. Keep up the good work and look for lots of runs from my brother Carl.

David King ( 13 April 1998:
I don't get to see them very often, as the nearest county ground is over 100 miles away. But I follow them very closely (even closer now, with this web site - thank you), and try to go to Derby, Nottingham , Leicester and Northampton whenever Kent play there. However, my favorite ground is Fenner's. Kent were there last year but not this. Maybe next year?

We're going to win something this year, I'm sure of it!! GOOD LUCK STEVE AND THE REST OF THE LADS!!

Tim Thurston ( 22 March 1998:
Despite being born and bred in Norfolk, I have always been a Kent fan. Alan Knott my boyhood hero. Great website. Good luck to the boys for the season. Lets hope we can just go that extra mile.

David Horne ( 7 February 1998:
All the best to the team from a Kentish man living north of the border. (Sometimes it is not easy to explain cricket to the Scots).

Ben Kemsley ( 7 February 1998:
I am 12 but I am a fanatic about Cricket. I am pleased to hear that Deano is doing well with England but I think that they should have kept Mark Ealham on the squad. I am especially pleased that Carl Hooper is coming back this year and I will enjoy watching him play.

Mark Ambrose ( 31 December 1997:
As a Man of Kent who is now living in Alice Springs (via Papua New Guinea and Darwin), it's great to be able to keep in touch with what is happening to the team I avidly followed as a youngster in the days of Woolmer, Underwood, Knott etc. My wife and I are hoping to visit the UK in the next 12 months or so (during the cricket season for once, I hope!). In the meantime, I would welcome any email from Kent supporters. I am also interested in info as to where I can order Kent CCC merchandise, I am after a couple of t-shirts or similar for my nephews.

Graeme Horley ( 4 December 1997:
As an old mate of Dave Fulton at Kent University, it was great to see him get his first Championship century in the last game of the season. It was only a shame that this achievement was not coupled with victory in the County Championship. Congratulations to all the boys at St. Lawrence - I look forward to hopefully getting down to watch a couple of games next season and having a couple of jars in the Bat and Ball. Also looking forward to seeing Carl Hooper return, though I thought Paul Strang did a cracking job this year. Oh, and more centuries please Fults!

Geoff Thompson ( 30 November 1997:
As an ex Kentish Man who emigrated to Australia some 30 years ago, I am hoping to revisit my old county next English summer. I played a lot of my early cricket in and around Canterbury and Maidstone with such teams as Beverley, Tovil and Hayle Court and took the game up in the Brisbane area for quite a few years.
I'm now a fully accredited Australian Cricket Board Umpire standing in Brisbane grade games and I would dearly like to experience the atmosphere of a club or village team game again, English style.
Do you know of any leagues or clubs that would be prepared to put up with an Aussie umpire for a couple of games in next July or August?
I will be staying in Biddenden for three weeks or so with my mother. My father, who died in 1994 was a long time Kent C.C. member and I'm hoping to follow his footsteps in taking in a few of their games as well.
I would appreciate any advice in the way of contact addresses as well as a fixture list for Kent in June through August.
I also promise not to mention the word "Ashes" when I do come across.

William Turrell writes: Can anyone help Geoff out next season? If so you can e-mail him or us directly.

Roger Amos ( wrote to us on 16 November 1997:
Belated congratulations to Kent CCC. A fine performance in all competitions. Many thanks to those at the club for making me welcome at the pre season fast bowling conference, and a great honour to meet Martin McCague and Dean Headley.

Arthur Moore ( 9 October 1997:
I play cricket in Cape-Technikon Green Point Cricket Club, Cape Town, South Africa, where a number of your top players have been playing cricket during the English Winter. These include Alan Igglesden, Nigel Llong and more recently, Ben Phillips. Ben's improvement over the last season and his performances over the last county season were great and I wish him everything of the best. I am also sure that he will follow players like Dean Headley into the England Squad. Good luck to Kent for the next season. Take a break for now, as you deserve it after a very successful season.

Steve Boarder ( 15 September 1997:
I write the day after Kent have blown their chances of winning the AXA Life league for 97; and finished second. This follows defeat in the B&H final, in which we thus came... second. As for the County Championship, I can't see Kent taking more points against Surrey, especially without Strang, and possibly McCague and/or Headley than Glamorgan will against Somerset. More than likely we'll finish... second. Add up all the previous one-day final disappointments and you must conclude that Kent are perennial bottlers when silverware is in sight. What's going on? Even when they did win the Sunday League in '95, they lost ineptly on the last day when they could have wrapped it up, and got first place only when another match was rained off.

So what do other Kent supporters make of this? Should I be happy Kent have done VERY WELL in 3 competitions this year? Or bemoan the fact that we don't know how to finish any higher than second?

Another question: overseas player for '98 - Strang or Hooper? It seems to me our batting is more brittle than our bowling, but take away Strang and the attack starts to look a bit one-dimensional. If what I read is true - that we are going to sign Chris Adams from Derbyshire for next season - I'd say Strang was the better bet. What do others think?

Richard Morrell ( wrote 21 August 1997:
Congratulations Kent on such a good season. My father a lifelong supporter who died on July 6th never made it to the Lord's Final, but myself and my brother inlaw endured what he had hoped would be a major Kent triumph bearing in mind theway the season has gone for us so far. Congratulations to Deano and Paul Strangon a formidable display of bowling this season. Congratulations also to the groundkeeping staff, and the youth development team...

One question... whatever happened to Tim Wren and has anyone heard of a spectacular young Kent bowler Mike Fletcher, ex Harvey Grammar and Kent III, now at Loughborough Uni doing sports studies. Please do us all a favour and takea look at this guy's technique. I watched him grow through school and matureas a batsman not to be messed with. Come on guys lets take a look at the schools in Kent and spend more time showing the rest of the country why Kent bowlers andbatsmen have historically kicked more butt than any other county. Les Ames, wicketkeeper of the century - Ex Harvey Grammar School, ask Lord Cowdrey - the schoolis a centre of excellence. Can someone please take 5 mins to look at the RR achieved by the kids at this school and maybe look at the investment the school is putting into new facilities. With a push a combined link betweenschools such as the Harvey, The Langton in Canterbury and others we can begin creating a Kent side of the future that we can be justly proud.

Kevin Statham ( wrote 14 August 1997:
Thanks a lot for the informative web site.
We very rarely get informed of Paul Strang's progress for Kent so I visit your site regularly. Nice to see Kent at the top of the County Championship - keep it up.

Simon Fox ( 10 August 1997:
Congratulations Paul Strang... a lot of Zimbabweans are now avid Kent supporters after another five wicket haul against Essex.
I hope the form lasts for the Zimbabwe season.

Simon Hutton ( 9 August 1997:
1. Like the site.
2. There's no comparison between either of the Hollioakes and Mark Ealham I think its just a matter of Atherton doesn't like him, and I think we all know that Atherton and good captaincy are mutually exclusive. I just hope he gets the nod for the Oval.
3. Now we've got to the top of the Championship lets stay there!
4. Even if we don't make it (and we've all got used to disappointment), giving Essex a good hiding still makes it a great season!

Simon Cook from Leicester ( wrote 6 August 1997:
Why is it that the press have taken to Ealham bashing all of a sudden?
Whilst I appreciate averages are not everything, they do not lie.
Do the selectors watch a different game? On a purely selfish level, at least he will be with us in our pursuit of the championship.

Mark Breslauer ( 22 July 1997:
I'm writing from San Francisco, California, from where I travelled to watch the B&H Final (a record.....?).
Just caught up with the site and I think it's outstanding.
I'm hoping the team can pick themselves up after a disastrous trio ofdefeats. We'll see what they're made of now...
The championship defeats against Northamptonshire and Leicestershire suggest thatthere is still not enough potency in the attack (in spite of the plethora of Test players it contains....Headley, Ealham, McCague, Strang, Igglesden and Patel); title-winning teams can usually defend 300+ in the fourth innings.
Also, too much reliance on the middle and lower order batting, and Wellsbadly needs a score.
So come on guys....lets have a big push for the next 8 weeks...all is not lost!!

J. Burf ( 9 June 1997:
What an excellent 5 days of entertainment at Tunbridge Wells! I only managed 4 of the days...
The overall strength of the squad (even allowing for injuries) augers well.
Full marks to the team and the backroom boys & girls.

Rob Davies ( 30 May 1997:
Just mailing to say that I think the Kent cricket site is superb and gives me all the info I need as I don`t buy papers.
The Warwickshire game (I saw it on SKY) was the best limited overs game I`ve ever seen. Roll on Northants!!
Cheers, and keep up the good work.

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