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Posted by Steve on 27 Jul 2000
Can anyone tell me the news on Digger Martin's finger injury. If we are to sustain an assault on the championship, we need him back as soon as possible!

Available for the Roses game tomorrow?

Good to see Creepy back in form - let's have another ton this week, please!

Also, time to start planning revenge against Gloucs after yesterday's fantastic victory in the NatWest.

Posted by rohan on 23 Jul 2000
hi every1, i am a big lancashire fan. i am the biggest fan of saurav ganguly( our bengali hero) he is running into some good form at the moment. i have been really dissapointed with lacashires 1-day performances this summer, saurav has to rescue them( i'm sure he will), i hope they win the natwest trophy, anyway i've said enough bye

Posted by luke on 23 Jul 2000
Go Scuderi. Go you good thing. aussie oi, aussie oi , aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi, your making ausralia proud mate keep up the good work! godd luck for the rest of the year

Posted by PARVATHY on 15 Jul 2000
TO my dearest SOURAV GANGULY, Hi!Hope u are keeping in good health. Please see to that u don't get injured b'coz u are the most valuable player of the Indian team. WE ALL WANT TO SEE U PLAYING IN TORONTO AGAINST PAKIS. Don't strain yourself playing county.Let it just be a good experience for u. PLEASE PREPARE YOURSELF MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY TO PLAY FOR INDIA. It is not a problem if u don't get huge scores for county. But u have to be hungry to get more &more runs for India. You are one of the most consistent player that I have ever seen. I know that u have the potential to become the best captain that India has ever had. Lanchasire has a good team& an excellent coach Bob Simpson. I know that u can only become better under his coaching. Please give my regards to your dearest wife DONA.

Love Parvathy, Kerala.

Posted by shib prasad nag on 19 Jul 2000
this msg for sourav ganguly our beloved bengali indian captain. though his performance this summer is not too good as earlier now he is doing my msg is to sourav pl try to keep out azhar and kapil when u are going to play at sahara cup this september against pakistan because everybody knows they are involved with match fixing though our cbi doing good for nothing all queries are jokes .my suggestion is when team will be select u just keep out atleast azhar because his performance also not too good last tournament okey thanks

Posted by luke on 17 Jul 2000
hey guys, im 14 an aussie and am a big fan of lancashire cricket team. i think they are do very well. but are lacking in some areas such as batting order and i agree with another person who complained about the batting order with ganguly in at three and should be opening to give lancs off to a great start when they are batting. one of my fav players is michael watkinson i think that he should get more games in and also peter martin. those players shoul be added in the line up in just about every game. i am glad to see the rising talent of chris scholfield. as years progress he well gradually get better and better and will help the lancs win the championship. good luck guys and think about the batting line up, etc. and i will be supporting you when you win the championship. good luck

Posted by Aswathy Sugunan on 16 Jul 2000
Congratulations Lanchashire for your marvelous victory over Somerset on July 16th. Sourav's performance was superb.He took 3 catches,1 wicket and scored 82 runs.Brilliant,actually an all-round performance by Sourav. All the best to sourav for the coming matches and may God help you to do the same for each and every matches that you play for your country India your county club and for your state Bengal. May God bless you to be sincere,God fearing,very humble and simple as you are now.

Posted by Aswathy Sugunan,Siva Ganga,kerala,India on 15 Jul 2000
I am very much against the opinion of one Mr.Scott Haddock who, posted his message on 1st July 2000.He opions that Lanchashire's selection of SOURAV GANGULY is not a good choice,I am deadly against this opinion because SOURAV GANGULY served your club as an all-rounder with full sincerity.Your choice is superb to select SOURAV as your overseas player. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR COMING MATCHES. ALL MY WISHES TO OUR DEAR CAPTAIN,PRINCE OF CALCUTTA-SOURAV.

Posted by Kalyan Ghose on 13 Jul 2000
It is noticed that Saurav Ganguly has been strugling to score runs in the county matches where he has been batting at number four, but he has been doing well opening the batting in the limited over matches. I think he should be asked to open in the county matches and could be equally successful there.

Posted by Rob on 13 Jul 2000
Ganguly's a dud as far as the county championship is concerned. The guy can score a few in the shorter game. I am surprised that he's a test player for India. Doesn't look it to me (wouldn't be able to get into the England squad!!). The other Indian, Dravid, is having a terrific season. He's miles ahead, really. Maybe, we can get him for next year... Go Lancs (we need Crawley to buckle up) Rob

Posted by hari on 7 Jul 2000
Hi, Wish Lancs all the very best to claim the championship (ahead of yorksire). I do believe that they hv the talent & potential with people like Ganguly, Artherton with them. I am closely following Lancs in the series & take this time to wish them the best of luck for they becoming the Champions

Posted by Aswathy Sugunan on 6 Jul 2000
I am sending this message from kollam, Kerala,India.I am very much impresssed with the performance of your team,Specially on our dear captain Sourav Ganguly .Congratulations to you sourav for your marvelous knocks. I am requesting the Lanchashire club authority to convey my message to Sourav . JULY 8- MANY MANY HAPPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY MAY GOD BLESS YOU YOUR WIFE DONA AND YOUR FAMILY. THANK YOU With regards Aswathy Sugunan

Posted by Nick on 5 Jul 2000
Can i just say how nice it is to see a young pace bowler like Mike Smethurst make his way through the ranks and establish himself in the 1st team. Wjat do other Lancs fans think of Smethurst, i think he has real potential, an England A tour in the winter perhaps? who knows? Good luck for the rest of the season mike and the rest of the lads

Posted by DIVYA on 3 Jul 2000

Posted by Scott Haddock on 1 Jul 2000
Ganguly is very flat, getting even more hopeless....bad choice made by Lancs.

Posted by DIVYA &SHERIN on 30 Jun 2000
I want to wish Saurav Ganguly HAPPY BIRTHDAY(July 8th).Many Many Happy returns of the day our darling captain.

Posted by Lee on 29 Jun 2000
I am an Aussie, and I have become interested in your team after hearing about spinner Chris Schofield. I am always on the lookout for exciting new spin players to push Warne off his high horse - Stuart MacGill, Daniel Vettori, and hopefully in the future, Chris Schofield. Good luck, guys.

Posted by P Hewitt on 26 Jun 2000
Good to see Mike Watkinson getting some games for the first team. He is a very loyal servant to the club, and has been so consistent for many years. It is amazing that he only played in a few games for England, even more so when you consider how bad England have been for a number of years now. Watkinson's loyalty has been proven by the fact that he chose to stay at the club in a player-coach role, even though he is still gifted enough to be a regular first teamer for almost any other county. Thanks for all the memories Mike! Now on to another Mike, Michael Atherton. I thought he might score a few runs in the Natwest game, and the Day-Night match. It's amazing how this wonderful talent seems to produce his best in the more high profile games, and yet is never near the top of Lancashire's batting averages. What's he averaging in the championship this year, 12? He scored more runs in his first innings of the year for England, than he has in all his championship innings this year. And this is the person who pre-season stated how he thinks the English county system has "served no purpose" for many years now. I've always felt that he 'under-achieved' for Lancs, but after hearing those comments, I have felt this season that he just 'doesn't care' about Lancs. He turns it on when he plays in front of a larger crowd, or when he feels the match is a more high-profile game (eg knockout-cup games). Yet what all Lancashire fans want is for us to win the Championship, and this is something Atherton just doesn't seem to concur with. Seeing as we always have a small squad, I think we should allow Atherton (who must be one of, if not the highest, paid player) to leave, and therefore open up more wages to both increase, and strengthen, the competition for places at the club. This would help for when players such as Lloyd and Crawley are out of form, and when Schofield and Flintoff are on International duty. I can't understand why such a dedicated, and highly promising, player as Mark Chilton is regularly left out of the side for an injury prone player who averages just 12, and who thinks the game he is playing "serves no purpose". I would be interested to hear other supporters views regarding Mike Atherton's performances for Lancashire, in comparison with his marvellous achievements with England.

Posted by Jay Patel on 21 Jun 2000
Its a shame that we seem to have lost out of the B&H. But lets see if we can concentrate and get our act together on the Nat West and try and finsh in the middle of the one day league. To do this - Ganguly must open. Come on Lancs management - the guy has scored over 4500 ODI runs in this position and were getting him to come in at three or four and getting him to play a defensive role because our openers have lost it to quick. Crawley is better at four with Flintoff to come in at three - JeeZZ! what the man Simpson doin'!

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