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Posted by Sikander Hassan on 9 Jun 2000
I think it is not fair with Shoaib.

Posted by Rashid Masood on 9 Jun 2000
Notts performance would have been enhanced by a great deal if shoaib would have made his debut. The thing which these people did not take into consideration that Shoaib already has a very good reputation of being the fastest in the world his presence itself would have made a great difference. But now Shoaib has been released i wish him all the best for the future. He has a lot of cricket to look forward to

Posted by Patrick Watters on 9 Jun 2000
As a member of Nottingham County Cricket Club, i read with concern about the state of Shoaib Aktar. The news now that he has an injury is quite convenient. Too have an overseas player join the club two months into the season and not play a game will need a lot of explanation to members in my view. This matter has not been handled with a professional approach by club officals and has a damaging effect of club members but most importantly players, who have been playing very well during the season. I do expect that this matter will be brushed under the carpet, but this is not acceptable. I look forward to receiving and comments that you may care to view. Kind regards Patrick Watters

Posted by Baseeruddin Khan- on 9 Jun 2000
I think Nottinghamshire is a great team, Shoaib's absence will be felt.

Posted by Mirza Musharraf Beg on 9 Jun 2000
Shoaib Akhtar, you are the best. All Pakistanis are behind you. Make us proud.

Posted by expert on 9 Jun 2000
Forget about Shoaib. If you want to replace him with a real quality bowler with even more pace, approach Australian paceman Brett Lee.

Posted by adeem akbar on 10 Jun 2000
The fact that Shoaib has stress fracture, really concerns me. I remember when Waqar Younis had stress fracture of his back, it took him a while to overcome that injury, and then he lost a lot of speed. I just wish Shoaib a speedy recovery and best of luck.

Posted by Nick on 10 Jun 2000
Shaoib's absence this season will definately hurt Notts.

Posted by DANIEL on 10 Jun 2000

Posted by MUHAMMAD RAZI UDDIN on 10 Jun 2000
Why he is released.Whether he can play cricket in future .

Posted by Joanna on 10 Jun 2000
As a Notts member I can not believe how well Notts are doing in both games. They are proving to the cricket world that they can pull off wins and have got more to show this year than last. I'd like to congratulate Welts on his wonderful dispaly and proving to everyone that he is a fine batsman and congratulations to Bicknell too. I think the best is yet to come from those two. Ussie and Harris have proved they too have what it takes as batsmen too. With the likes of Franks and Read who are of superb talent and have done Notts proud by representing England at various levels, with time will continue to thrive. Lucas & Millns are showing potential and I think they will continue to take lots more wickets over the summer. I think that with the sad departure of Shoiab, Notts will only continue to thrive on what they already have and I sincerly hope that a decent replacement will be found although nobody can take his reserved place. I think that as the summer months progress Notts will become a stronger squad and will continue to win most of thier games. Good Luck Notts - all of you keep up the good work

Posted by adnan on 10 Jun 2000
why do you get injured so fast

Posted by Chris Cairns on 10 Jun 2000
Mr Usman(hassssman) great stuff mate! cheers Cairnsy

Posted by Phil Hewitt on 10 Jun 2000
Obviously everyone is upset that Shoaib is not going to play for Notts this year, as he would have been a huge asset to the club. However, anyone thinking that the club "have a lot to anwser to the members", should realise that the only reason the club went through with the signing despite his injury, was probably because they did not want to upset the vast amount of members tempted by his arrival. It is not the clubs fault he could not recover. I only wish the club had ignored the views of anyone dumb enough to moan, and decided to bring over Chris Cairns the minute Shoaib got injured. But they didn't, and the gamble has not paid off. But if it had, I doubt those members would have praised the clubs decision. On a brighter note, well done Guy Welton! Even I didn't expect 200 not out, about one day after praising you on this board. You answered the critics, and did so today with another gritty innings of 60. Keep up the good work, you deserve all the success you're having. Which brings me on to Franksy, so close to his highest ever score! Even though I had admitted defeat, I was very nervous, and much to my chagrin, he fell just short. But still, two more good innings in this latest match, shows how his batting is improving all the time. Come on Franksy, what price a century before the end of the year! (Whoops, bad choice of wording in this present climate). Anyone whose seen the last two Championship games, why does Franksy seem to be bowling so many no-balls? Has he briefly lost his run-up, or is he just trying a bit too hard? Still, Hampshire tomorrow, gives him a chance to get back on the wicket trail again ( that 6-27 still looms fresh in the mind: Oh! glorious day.) Finally, didn't the batting order look stronger than it ever has before in this present game? We were 82 for six again, but ended with two good scores, with contributions from almost everyone during the match. Good to see Johnson back, and add in Cairns (hopefully) and we could actually get some more big scores. Definately final point, how many are concerned with Jason Gallian's contributions with the bat? He has the ability to get some really big scores, and hopefully soon he will start doing. Well done Harris & Afzaal!

Posted by Tauseef on 10 Jun 2000
A big loss for Notts and for sure the spectators will miss a great deal of action. It is not only Shoaib's speed that worry batsmen, but his positive attitude towards his own potential recks the confidence of opposition. Being Pakistani, I sympathise the way he has started his career, where a lobby is working against him to finish off his career and then an injury. But I am sure, he will be more than fit again and will offer his services not only to the Pakistani team, but he should offer his services towards Notts to prove his sports man spirit. I wish Shoaib and Notts the best of luck. Tauseef, from Canada

Posted by Michael Lowry on 11 Jun 2000
I am getting agrivated by everyone talking about Shoaib. He really isn't that good a player, he isn't the fastest bowler in the world and he sure isn't the most accurate. How can you think he is god's greatest gift when he simply...IS NOT!! He shouldn't be playing county cricket and moreover he shouldn't be playing TEST cricket!!!!!!!

Posted by Max Walker on 11 Jun 2000
I think the fact that Shoaib has a stress fracture is because he doesn't actually bowl, but rather throws it. Sure enough he tries hard but lets be serious, he is a cheat. I wish people would forget about Shoaib and concentrate further on english County Cricketers like Guy Welton and the like who do have some class. Shoaib you will not be missed and Notts will not be any less a team without you.

Posted by asad ali khan on 11 Jun 2000
i think shohaib akhtar is good. he is he best and hope he recovers soon. ill pray to god that he get back into shape soon cause pakistan needs him.

Posted by Stephen McGregor on 10 Jun 2000
Its all very well signing an overseas player with a reputation but Notts should ENSURE that he is fit to play. This Shoaib business happened before. I think they need a batsman rather than a bowler anyway. Good performance today - well played despite the result

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