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Posted by Danson Mark on 22 Jun 2000
Is David Millns going to return to the first team soon?

Posted by Abdul Rehman on 21 Jun 2000
Hi thereI am a big fan of Shoaib, Will he be able to play ever again, & how much is he being paid for playing county for u.Thanks, A BIG fan of u guyz, DARREN

Posted by Jenna on 18 Jun 2000
It's fantastic to see Paul Reiffel signed as the overseas player for Notts. As a native Victorian currently living in UK I couldn't be happier. It will be good to see him as part of the bowling line up, alongside one of the most underrated bowlers about, Richard Stemp. He is a total asset to the club, and makes watching cricket most enjoyable. Go Notts!

Posted by Chris Hanway on 16 Jun 2000
Good to see so many people with something to say about Notts. I feel I have just seen a Notts player of the not-too-distant future. Watching a Premier League representative game up Mansfield way, Paul McMahon came on to bowl against good opposition at a difficult stage and bowled with real maturity and promise. I look forward to seeing him take a stack of wickets for the second team this summer, as his potential must have been realised by The Management at Notts (I believe he's on a youth contract at the moment). Come on, let's give the youngsters a chance.

Posted by Rod Lavan on 16 Jun 2000
What has happened to Mark Bowen this season. I always follow his form as he comes from my home club Redcar ?Good luck for the rest of the season.

Posted by Nadia Jamil on 16 Jun 2000
I think Mohammad Zahed is the fastest in the world, he should be replacing Shoaid Akhtar,,,I haven't seen mohammad bowling for few months...plz locat him,,his residing in Multan Pakistan...I think he would break 100MPH record....plz do reply me thanks heaps..Nottingshire needs batsman like mark waugh and bowler like wasim or mohamad,,thanks heaps

Posted by shaunmacdonald on 14 Jun 2000
message for Jason Gallianhappy birthday FLAPPER hope charlote is well.send us an email so I can communicate with youkind regardsshaun

Posted by H.Dunford on 13 Jun 2000
It's a great shame that Shoaib was let go, but we should look to the future and not dwell on our bad luck. Does anyone know if Chris Cairns is still available? I think he'd be a worthy replacement.

Posted by Musswar Ali on 12 Jun 2000
I am so upset about Shoaib not being able to play for Notting, I was so looking forward to the matches, and was planning to go and watch every possible match I could. Is he really badly injuried, is there no way that he can play. Well I do hope he can play next year for Notting, and I will be definetly look forward to it. I just want to let you know that we (as he's fans) will always be there to back him up, and wish him all the best.

Posted by khuram ahmed on 12 Jun 2000
I was shocked to hear that shoaib akhtar had ended his contract with nottingamshire, although

Posted by umair on 12 Jun 2000
hellow shoib bhia!ur my favorite bowler and my bowling action is just like urs my appartment collegees call me khyban express(because my appt name is khyban-e-erum)i`m watching game wuth lots of excitmentwhen u bowled lance klusner in sharja cup o boy! it was great bowlingany way don`t lose ur heart me and my friends are with u and we will pray for u to fit as soon as possiblebye ur fan umair and gang

Posted by Rafeh Mian on 12 Jun 2000
Notts made a big mistake by releasing Shoaib. I knew he had injury but you shouldn't gave him more time that was a really bad move.

Posted by Pippi Quest on 12 Jun 2000
Well, the big match against Middlesex is coming up very shortly. Hopefully Guy Welton can prove his worth to the club once again by backing up his big double century with another similar score. I believe there is only one way that Notts can win and that is if Welts once again just bats.Well Good luck Notts, do your supporters proud.

Posted by Mir Hasan Ali on 12 Jun 2000
what kind of county are notts to Break a contract when Shoaib hasn't even started. i mean, its not fair to him. Lancashire never did that to Wasim Akram during his 1997 shoulder injury & neither have Warwickshire to Allan Donald this season. This really is pathetic from Notts. i hope they learn from this because its pure arrogance.

Posted by Said (Canada) on 11 Jun 2000
Notts made the worst mistake ever. They had so many people interested in cricket in England [Notts] once again, as you might've read in the article, which include many youngsters who started playing cricket just because of Shoaib coming into town. Now everything will go back to the way it was and the people will have the least interest. It is also very unfair to Shoaib considering he did not even give a chance. To even have him in the squad till he recovers from his injury would have been very helpful to the team & would have kept Notts fans [including me] very happy. Shaoib has proven time after time that he *CAN* win matches, with or without the blazing pace [ref: Pak v RSA, last Sharjah Cup League game]. He took 3 wickets in that game in 1 over and that won the match for Pakistan. Notts made a terrible mistake here and they'll pay for it.

Posted by tousif tabish on 11 Jun 2000
what is the rid tip thing that shoaib has. Is it curable?I would really like a comment.

Posted by Harris on 11 Jun 2000
shoaib bhai i am harris from KSA ,why do you prefer to play countys insead of playing cricket for pak and help them through their way in srilanka

Posted by Osman Abid on 11 Jun 2000
Well it's a sad affair that the injuryhad to surface when it did. I thinkcounty cricket has lost a very valuablecrowd puller in shoaib. Good luck to both notts and shoaib on the future.

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