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Summary of The Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy 2001

Round One - Tuesday 1st May (2nd May Reserve Day)

1. Wiltshire lost to Derbyshire CB by 49 runs Chippenham
2. Oxfordshire lost to Huntingdonshire CB by 77 runs Challow & Childrey
3. Shropshire beat Devon by 7 runs Shrewsbury
4. Lincolnshire lost to Suffolk by 4 wickets Sleaford
5. Somerset CB lost to Wales by 20 runs North Perrott
6. Kent CB beat Hampshire CB in a bowl out 3-1 The Mote
7. Middlesex CB beat Northumberland in a bowl out 5-4 Southgate
8. Bedfordshire beat Nottinghamshire CB by 3 wickets Wardown Park
9. Staffordshire lost to Worcestershire CB by 8 wickets Porthill Park
10. Lancashire CB lost Yorkshire CB by 77 runs Nelson

Teams receiving 1st round byes

Gloucestershire CB, Berkshire, Essex CB, Herefordshire, Norfolk, Cheshire, Surrey CB, Durham CB
Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Cambridgeshire, Cumberland, Dorset
Hertfordshire, Leicestershire CB, Northamptonshire CB, Sussex CB, Warwickshire CB

Round Two - Tuesday 15th May (16th May Reserve Day)

11. Cambridgeshire beat Derbyshire CB by 8 wickets March
12. Surrey CB beat Huntingdonshire by 59 runs Cheam
13. Sussex CB beat Shropshire won by 36 runs Hastings
14. Suffolk beat Essex CB by 6 wickets Mildenhall
15. Norfolk lost to Wales Minor Counties by 35 runs Manor Park
16. Kent CB beat Buckinghamshire by 5 wickets The Mote
17. Middlesex CB lost to Berkshire by 8 wickets Richmond
18. Dorset lost to Bedfordshire by 7 wickets Dean Park
19. Worcestershire CB v Cumberland in a bowl out 3-2 Kidderminster
20. Northamptonshire CB beat Yorkshire CB by 30 runs Northampton
21. Herefordshire beat Gloucestershire CB by 5 wickets Brockhampton
22. Warwickshire CB beat Leicestershire CB by 67 runs Coventry & NW
23. Cornwall beat Cheshire by 3 wickets Truro
24. Hertfordshire beat Durham CB by losing fewer wickets Welwyn Garden City

Round Three - Wednesday 27th June (28th June Reserve Day)
25. Cambridgeshire lost to Somerset by 50 runs March Town
26. Surrey CB lost to Surrey by 10 wickets Guildford
27. Sussex CB lost to Gloucestershire by 95 runs Horsham
28. Suffolk lost to Nottinghamshire by 9 wickets Mildenhall
29. Wales Minor Counties lost to Leicestershire by 133 runs Swansea
30. Kent CB lost to Warwickshire by 7 wickets Canterbury
31. Berkshire lost to Essex by 69 runs Reading
32. Bedfordshire lost to Yorkshire by 4 wickets Luton
33. Cumberland lost to Kent by 9 wickets Barrow
34. Northamptonshire CB lost to Northamptonshire by 9 wickets Northampton
35. Herefordshire beat Middlesex by 3 wickets Luctonians
36. Warwickshire CB lost to Lancashire by 7 wickets Blackpool
37. Cornwall lost to Sussex by 33 runs Truro
38. Hertfordshire lost to Worcestershire by 267 runs Hertford
39. Glamorgan beat Derbyshire by 3 wickets Cardiff
40. Durham beat Hampshire by 7 wickets Chester-le-Street

Round Four - Wednesday 11th July (12th July Reserve Day)

41. Worcestershire beat Herefordshire by 7 wickets Worcester
42. Somerset beat Glamorgan by 7 wickets Taunton
43. Yorkshire beat Surrey by 6 wickets Leeds
44. Kent beat Northamptonshire by 6 wickets Canterbury
45. Lancashire beat Sussex by 7 wickets Manchester
46. Gloucestershire lost to Durham by 3 runs Bristol
47. Warwickshire beat Essex by 5 wickets Birmingham
48. Nottinghamshire lost to Leicestershire by 6 wickets Nottingham

1st Quarter-Final:
Tuesday 24th July

Worcestershire lost to Leicestershire by 118 runs Worcester

2nd, 3rd, 4th Quarter-Finals:
Wednesday 25th July

Kent lost to Somerset by 52 runs Canterbury
Lancashire beat Durham by 7 wickets Blackpool
Yorkshire lost to Warwickshire by 4 wickets Leeds

1st Semi-Final:
Saturday 11th August

Somerset beat Warwickshire by 4 wickets Taunton

2nd Semi-Final:
Sunday 12th August

Leicestershire beat Lancashire won by 7 wickets Leicester

Saturday 1st September

Leicestershire lost to Somerset by 41 runs Lord's

  • Cricket Board Teams are Recreational Teams from the ECB 38 Counties

    Prize Money
    Winner: GBP 53,000
    Runner-up GBP 27,000
    Losing semi-finalists: GBP 16,500
    Losing quarter-finalists:GBP 11,500
    Man of the match: final - GBP 1,750; semi-final - GBP 550, quarter-final - GBP 500,
    fourth round - GBP - 450, third round - GBP 350, second round - GBP 325, first round - GBP 300.