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Summary of The Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy 2002

Round One - Wednesday 29th Aug (30th Aug Reserve Day)

1. Hertfordshire lost to Staffordshire by 161 runs Welwyn Garden City
2. Essex CB lost to Sussex CB by 6 wickets Chelmsford
3. Cheshire beat Lancashire CB by 8 wickets Chester Boughton Hall
4. Bedfordshire beat Derbyshire CB by 185 runs Dunstable
5. Middlesex CB lost to Scotland by 24 runs Southgate
6. Norfolk tied with Holland (Norfolk advance to 2nd round) Manor Park
7. Oxfordshire beat Nottinghamshire CB by 5 wickets Christ Church, Oxford
8. Wiltshire lost to Ireland by 85 runs South Wilts
9. Leicestershire CB beat Northamptonshire CB by 7 wickets Barwell
10. Cumberland lost to Warwickshire CB 17 runs Millom
11. Suffolk beat Denmark by 7 wickets Copdock
12. Huntingdonshire CB lost to Gloucestershire CB by 5 wickets Godmanchester
13. Buckinghamshire beat Worcestershire CB by 39 runs Dinton
14. Lincolnshire beat Berkshire by 86 runs Lincoln Lindum

Teams receiving 1st round byes

Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Durham CB, Kent CB, Hampshire CB
Herefordshire, Northumberland, Shropshire, Somerset CB, Surrey CB, Wales Minor Counties, Yorkshire CB

Round Two - Thursday 13th Sep (14 Sep Reserve Day)

15. Northumberland lost to Staffordshire by 7 wickets Jesmond
16. Sussex CB lost to Minor Counties Wales by 3 runs Hastings
17. Cheshire lost to Cornwall by 65 runs Toft
18. Devon beat Bedfordshire by 3 wickets Exmouth
19. Scotland beat Dorset by 10 wickets Linlithgow
20. Norfolk beat Somerset CB by losing fewer wickets Manor Park
21. Shropshire beat Oxfordshire by 8 runs Shifnal
22. Hampshire CB lost to Ireland by 32 runs West End
23. Leicestershire CB lost to Kent CB 189 runs Hinckley
24. Cambridgeshire lost to Warwickshire CB by 75 runs March Town
25. Suffolk beat Herefordshire by 103 runs Bury St Edmunds
26. Gloucestershire CB lost to Yorkshire CB by 4 wickets Bristol
27. Buckinghamshire beat Durham CB by 21 runs Beaconsfield
28. Lincolnshire beat Surrey CB by 94 runs Bourne
*Herefordshire will be at Home if Denmark wins Match 11, as Denmark's pitch has not yet been approved for staging Trophy matches.

Round Three - Wednesday 29th May 2002 (30 May Reserve Day)

29 Devon lost to Yorkshire by 143 runs Exmouth
30 Suffolk lost to Northamptonshire by 1 wicket Bury St Edmunds
31 Shropshire lost to Gloucestershire by 7 wickets (D/L Method) Telford
32 Buckinghamshire lost to Sussex by 125 runs Beaconsfield
33 Norfolk lost to Kent by 191 runs Manor Park
34 Lincolnshire lost to Glamorgan by 6 wickets Sleaford
35 Warwickshire CB lost to Leicestershire by 26 runs Coventry & NW
36 Ireland lost to Nottinghamshire by 8 wickets Clontarf
37 Staffordshire lost to Warwickshire by 50 runs Stone
38 Cornwall lost to Worcestershire by 49 runs St Austell
39 Scotland lost to Surrey by 55 runs (D/L Method) Grange
40 Yorkshire CB lost to Somerset by 87 runs Scarborough
41 Kent CB lost to Hampshire by 8 wickets Folkestone
42 Wales Minor Counties lost to Durham by 49 runs (D/L method) Cardiff
43 *Lancashire beat Derbyshire by 10 wickets Old Trafford
44 *Essex beat Middlesex by 5 wickets Chelmsford
* to be played on 24th May 2002 (25th reserve day)

Round Four - Wednesday 19th Jun 2002 (20 June Reserve Day)

45 Nottinghamshire lost to Worcestershire by 8 wickets Nottingham
46 Kent beat Warwickshire by 128 runs Canterbury
47 Somerset beat Hampshire by 6 wickets Taunton
48 Northamptonshire lost to Yorkshire by 49 runs Northampton
49 Essex beat Lancashire won by 9 wickets Chelmsford
50 Leicestershire lost to Sussex by 6 wickets Leicester
51 Gloucestershire beat Durham by 8 wickets Bristol
52 Surrey beat Glamorgan by 9 runs The AMP Oval

1st and 2nd Quarter-Finals:
Tuesday 16th July 2002
(17th July Reserve Day)

Kent beat Gloucestershire by 5 wickets Canterbury
Essex lost to Yorkshire by losing fewer wickets Chelmsford

3rd and 4th Quarter-Finals:
Wednesday 17th July 2002
(18th July Reserve Day)

Somerset beat Worcestershire by 4 wickets Taunton
Sussex lost to Surrey by 14 runs Hove

1st Semi-Final:
Sunday 4th August 2002
(postponed from 31st July,1 and 2 August)

Yorkshire beat Surrey by 10 wickets (D/L Method) Leeds

2nd Semi-Final:
Thursday 1st August 2002
(2nd August Reserve Day)

Somerset beat Kent by 5 wickets Taunton

Saturday 31st August 2002
(1st September Reserve Day)

Somerset lost to Yorkshire by 6 wickets Lord's

  • Cricket Board Teams are Recreational Teams from the ECB 38 Counties