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Zone 2 - DLF Indian Premier League in partnership with MCC Spirit of Cricket

Each DLF Indian Premier League team has signed up to support the MCC Spirit of Cricket campaign. Read about the groundbreaking deal

The DLF Indian Premier League has signed up to support the MCC Spirit of Cricket campaign.

The pioneering agreement has seen each of the eight Indian franchises sign an MCC Spirit of Cricket Declaration at the opening ceremony to demonstrate their commitment to upholding the spirit of the game.

Speaking ahead of the signing, Keith Bradshaw, MCC’s Secretary & Chief Executive, said, “We are delighted that, right from the outset, the DLF Indian Premier League is embracing the MCC Spirit of Cricket initiative. This is an innovative and forward-thinking league that has captured the imagination of the cricketing world and it is pleasing that each player and each team will play their part in supporting the very best traditions of the game.”

“The Spirit of Cricket is a worldwide concept that affects all players of the game, from the grassroots to the elite level, and we believe it’s fitting for MCC – a worldwide cricket club with an independent voice in the game – to promote the Spirit of Cricket in partnership with the DLF Indian Premier League. We look forward to a league full of great cricket and superb cricketers playing in the right way – hard but fair.”

Lalit Modi, Chairman and Commissioner, DLF Indian Premier League, further added, “I am happy that the DLF Indian Premier League will adopt MCC’s doctrine on the Spirit of Cricket. This partnership between the DLF Indian Premier League and MCC is both exciting and important. It is exciting to be associated with the most famous cricket club in the world, which is the custodian of the Laws of Cricket and the upholder of the Spirit of the Game.

“More importantly, all the cricketers playing in the inaugural season of the DLF Indian Premier League are role models for an entire generation of youth and it is crucial for youngsters all over the world to learn straight away the values of this great game and the spirit in which it should be played. The eyes of the world will be on the DLF Indian Premier League and we want to see cricket, and the Spirit of Cricket, at its best.”

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